Apr 15
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Animation is an open door! Eh… What did I really mean by that? Ummm… Sorry, no clues. Perhaps I wanted to highlight the fact that animation presents a window of opportunities! Nope. Ok, I admit that I just wrote the first thing which popped into my head. I think I might have read up some old Civil Engineering textbook – blabbering about doors and windows. Nah! I don’t really want to compare Civil Engineering to animation. Common! Animation is a far more interesting topic. Don’t you agree? So, let me allow that headline to slide for now. We might get to that later (or we might not!)

By the way, have you ever felt inclined to actually check out how animation actually came about? Since we already know that stuffs evolve! (What you really thought that humans were the only things that underwent evolution? That’s crazy!) Animation has a very interesting history, you see. I know what you are thinking! Groan! History! But wait… Read on.

It so happens that the origin of animation could be traced back to as far as Palaeolithic cave paintings. If you haven’t already figured out, ‘Palaeolithic’ is prehistoric! If you want a precise number, that should be anywhere around 2.6 million years ago! Don’t look shocked! I warned you that it would be ‘very’ interesting.

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Apr 07
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Like any creative person, I too, from time to time, face the dreaded “WRITER’S BLOCK” and to tell you the truth it is like one of my worst nightmares come true (in my list of worst nightmares it is just above waking up one day to find there are no potatoes left in the world and just below discovering that I have to hold hands with Golem, while trying to slide down a lizard-covered wall!)

And as I asked around, I came to know that I am not the only one, a lot of creative people face this creative block from time to time and for all of them it is a FRIGHTENING experience, as if someone suddenly sucked out all the oxygen from the atmosphere and left them gasping for breath.

I also got many tips from everyone for overcoming the creative block. These range from the usual to the downright weird.

So… {Drumrolls}…


The tried and tested methods to break a creative block

The first few are usual:

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Apr 03
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Have you seen ‘Frozen’ yet? Yeah… I am talking about that animation movie which was released some time back. Nope? No clue? Which planet are you inhibiting? Stop reading… Go… watch it! Take along the kids too! And did you listen to that song ‘Let it go’ from the same movie? No. Really? (Rest of you who have already seen it and know every line of the song by heart, same pinch! We make the same clan!)

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Mar 22
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Cartoons have a way of getting under our skin, and staying there. They’ve been influencing us from our childhood and continue to do so. If you’ve already read the blog on Cartoon characters that have completely changed the way we look at things , you won’t need convincing when I say this.

1. This point was brought into my focus the other day once again when I heard my preschooler yell out “Swiper, no swiping!!” with all this might even as his mom (that’s me) tried to sneak away a chocolate from his chocolate tray (I might be a mom, but I have my weaknesses, sigh! ;p) This phrase, for those of you ignorant to the world of preschooler television the alternative babysitter for every distressed mom, is from the cartoon series “Dora the Explorer”. Every time Swiper, the fox tries to steal something that Dora or her companions have, kids all over the world religiously shout out “Swiper, no swiping!!” along with Dora and Boots. But this is not the only instance of cartoon having made their way into our regular lives. Need examples? Here are some iconic ones:

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Mar 07
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What the blazes is B2B and B2C??!! No,really anything with the word “business” in it scares the bejeezus out of me. If you are anything like me, it will take a few seconds for your brain to supply that B2B is business-to-business and B2C is business-to-consumer.

And then ANOTHER 10 minutes to come up with examples for each. But seriously,if you are making an explainer video, you cannot afford to not know the distinction. Because the most important part of explainer videos, or any explanation for that matter is: who is receiving the information? Well! That almost inconspicuous detail there, makes a whole lot of of difference. Humongous difference, you see! So instead of going about in circles trying to elaborate the whole scene and testing my word prowess while I am at it (temptingly so!), let me just get to the business at hand!

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