Where and how can I use an animated video?

Indian Mythology is replete with stories. One such story is of a wise sage. He got all his disciples to gather around him. Now he gave each of them a long piece of thread- nothing fancy- just a simple white cotton thread. “Take a good look at the piece thread in your hand, and now

5 Things you should know before you plan a Viral video

On the Valentine’s Day 2005 was born something that was about to change the entertainment world forever- Youtube. And with the growth of Youtube videos, a strange phenomenon began to take shape – viral videos. Double rainbows, kids biting each other, meowing cats, goats interrupting songs…the world was going bonkers over these videos! Of course

Casa Grande Thirumudivakkam…building your dream

Grab your coffee…and let’s get started! Well, heard of those situations where things just fall into place? Well, our Thirumudivakkam videos was one of those. The client had given us a pretty simple brief and oodles of freedom- the best way to get our thinking wheels churning double-time. Right here was a wonderful opportunity to

Some thoughts on woman’s day

I’ve been with Mypromovideos for more than five years now, the longest I’ve been with any group, save my family and school. During this period I’ve grown with the firm both metaphorically and literally (heh!heh!). Most of my time here, I’ve been the only woman in the crew ( Although off and on, we’ve had

The time we took a Sellfie

The future of shopping Listen up, folks! If you don’t know what contextual commerce means, then you need to get out of that rock you’ve been living under. Citrus Pay – you know, THE Citrus Pay, an online payment gateway provider – came out with a new product that might just change the game in

Myuniverse app videos

Banking and Finance what are you waiting for? Sincerely, videos.

A few years ago, there was a new kid on the block – Digital storytelling. Oh, the excitement around it was palpable. Digital storytelling soon became the buzzword at every conference. It had many facets – social media presence, emails, and newsletters, app explainer videos, online community building etc. Custom explainer videos were only a

Spectrum life school

Spectrum Life School

Well, we’ll be the first to admit that we’ve not done too many Television ads, and that’s for a reason- we’re too damn fussy! We don’t like doing run-of-the-mill ads. We also find educational institutions and hospitals that advertise their facilities pretty damn tacky. And then came Spectrum Life School- wanting an ad, for an

7 October Weddings: The making

  Wedding is coming ‘7 October Weddings’ is a rather express name for a Wedding planner. Ask why the specific date, and our client will wear a shy smile and tell you that it’s her Wedding day – a magical day in her life! Our clients were Dubai residents. You know Dubai weddings – the