Top five explainer videos that errr…. didn’t agree with us!

Now, this must be interesting right? After singing hallelujah for so many explainer videos which we have come across during our amazing journey, you must have wondered if we have the ‘worst five’ list with us… Of course, we do! Though we wouldn’t keep them in the ‘worst list’, we could say these videos could have done better with some improvement and expert help! Probably these videos were made by start-ups who might be a major force to reckon with today, but a list is a list so without much ado, let me get started.

Check out this one!
5. Washington Realtors :

The white board animation is fair quality, no doubt about that! But really, the script??? This is more like a story with dialogues read out… The scriptwriter probably took his story writing skills too seriously! And those wordings on the screen, were they written with a paint brush?

For now, I would let it slide. Probably because, it has the quality of 1860’s, I guess sophisticated fonts were not developed by then! Or probably the video makers were angry with the client and decided to take it out on him… Or maybe, the animation guys were given tight deadlines! (Ah, the horror of tight deadlines… Trust me, I can tell you stories about it! But let’s keep it for some other day.) By the way, I am just speculating… The reason could have been anything from inexperience to tight budget. Continue reading

Best five NGO explainer videos

We are back again! And still fresh and reeling from our last series on Worst Five Explainer errr… read Top five explainer videos that needed serious ‘help’. Truthfully, we are still a nervous lot from being the judge and being judged… So we decided, what the heck, let’s go ahead with the next in the series.

So here goes our next series on some of the best NGO explainer videos. NGOs?? Yeah, NGOs… Get practical guys! Even if they are not really money-spinning business machines, they still need money… a lot of it! And just to avoid confusion, we are still following the same rule: the best comes last! So, go ahead. Get a peep at our list… Check this video out!

5. World food program – A billion for a billion

Simple animation, simple sound effects, no voiceovers and yet… powerful message delivered. Just like that! I would say, starting the video with numbers did the trick and connecting the dots, just took it to the next level. The video is powerful for a simple reason… It gives the power in our hands, in the hands of the audience. It reminds us that every big thing starts with baby steps. In the end, it also suggests how we can go about helping the cause. And the suggestions are very easy to follow. All you need is a little goodness of heart… Don’t you think so?
Before I reach for my kerchief, let me make haste to the next video. Check this one out by Epipheo. (Yeah, those guys again!) Continue reading

Top five funniest explainer videos

Phew! Whew! And all that jazz….finally I get a breather. Thought why not continue the good work Nisha has been doing with the list of fives (Not read those? Check them out-here and here) and bring you another list of Five Explainer Videos, this time the funniest five. Yeah it is really, really tough to select the funniest ones ‘cause there’s hordes o’ funny explainers out there and of course funniness is subjective.

But still, here are some that we feel may be pretty high on their funny quotient. Also we wanted to present you with some variety so have selected different types of humor. Hope you enjoy….Ready? Here’s the list in random order

Dietbet :
Ok,so maybe not ha-ha-ha, ROFLMAO funny but it does give you lot of smiles. Especially the visuals with all the food and the words with all the food references…Oh my god! How cruel, cruel can you get on the poor dieters! I really love the way the word “Diet” is introduced as well. The office fridge challenge and wearing “I love Bieber” shirt challenge, make you smile, despite yourself. The weigh-in where one of the characters cheats are all things that make for good humor. All-in-all, a very well-planned humorous explainer, methinks- how about you?

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Know About India – Why is India called Hindustan if it is secular?

Boy! Oh Boy! Oh Boy! We were real worried about this one….

For a long time we debated over whether we should release this video, because it has “CONTROVERSY” stamped all over it in big, bold letters.

Religion- even if it is mentioned in passing- is a big no-no in our country, so dare we trace the origin of the word “Hindustan”? Yes, logically we were just tracing the etymology and not making any religious statements…but we, as a nation, are often not that logical… right? Who knew if people would protest, burn effigies, go to the media…demand special screening???

But still, we decided, we’d just present the facts. With a touch of entertainment. That was our promise and we’d keep it. (Yeah, all bold and martyr-like!) And let you decide.

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Top Five Explainer Videos With The Best Background Score

I am back, just like I promised. This time with another interesting topic… So by now, you have probably guessed that the team is doing a series of ‘Best Five explainer videos’ blog… No brownie points for that! Or maybe some… If you hadn’t guessed by yourself without being prompted? Well, Looks like the cat’s out of the bag!

So, I have a list of videos with the best background scores. Of course, the best comes last! (To make sure your eyeballs are glued to the screen until the end! That’s our trick, see!)
So, let’s start first with the explainer video for Philips Android Speakers created by Epipheo (Yeah! These guys pop up in our list every time! We are trying not to be partial but some things can’t be helped…)

5. Philips Android Speakers :

Simple, powerful concept, brilliant execution and not to mention an awesome background music to compensate for the lack of voiceover! Also notice the little details in the soundtrack especially when the main phone character is trying to convince his friends to stay because he is trying hard to fix his friend’s problems (read boredom!). The focus on the music has been dealt very confidently especially since that happens to be the main selling point of the product. A difficult task achieved with flying colours! Don’t you agree?

Now, check out the next video in our list… This is not your usual animation explainer video but what the heck! We decided to stick to it anyway and you will know the reason why as soon as you press that precious little play button down there. Continue reading

Top Five Creative Explainer Videos

Understandably, when we are working with explainer videos every single day at Mypromovideos, we definitely dig around for a lot of inspirations! And with all that digging around happening every day over a long period of time (read years of sifting through YouTube and Vimeo videos!), we have a pretty long list of our most favourite explainer videos tucked safely in a safe place (now that’s a secret!).

Since we know that a little generosity never hurt anyone, we decided that it was finally time to share the best with the world. (The best as we see it!) After all, everybody could do with a dollop of inspiration now and then! Besides, even if you aren’t particularly looking for inspiration, you could always enjoy an animated video. No one ever said no to cartoons! Not anyone that we know of, anyway!

We have rummaged through our favorites list and picked up five best and most creative videos that we have come across and prepared this list of awesomeness. Be warned: Read along only if you have enough time to relish. This is going to take a while!

But before we actually start, we would also like to let you know what, in our opinion, makes a good explainer video. Well… A good script for starts! We are also obsessive about the quality of the animation, music, voiceover, effectiveness and ability of the video to capture our incredibly short attention spans in as few words as possible!
And these videos in our list are winners hands down! So what are you waiting for? Scroll down already, will you?

5. Google Plus : If you have already heard of Epipheo, we must mention that we are SO in love with those guys! (Somebody please pass on the message for our sake! Epipheo, are you listening?) Now, check this video out…

In fact, all the videos made for Google by Epipheo are awesome! Need I tell you why, now that you have already watched it? But for the benefit of the few who failed to ‘get’ it, May I ask if you ‘got’ what Google Plus is… even if your technical knowledge is in the negative zone (which is like lesser than zero!)?
See! That’s exactly what I talking about… It is a part of their awesomeness, their ability to make a layman understand a product like a pro would! Not to mention the simple but powerful visuals that is enough to keep you gaping till the video ends. ‘Got’ it now? Continue reading

Why choose animation for your video?

So what’s your scene? I mean, if you want to get your customer’s attention, what would you do? Live shot video? Or maybe a screencast video? Good choices, both… They can be effectively exploited to put your points across, of course… But why not go for something more creative? A better option… Especially when it is available! Why not choose an animation video instead? Well, the ball is in your court. But that’s not going to stop me from trying to convince you to go for it. If you are already convinced, you can risk not reading further!

It would be quite proper to go through the factors that make animation videos, the best choice for your advertising needs. So, let’s get started.

1. Time

Understandably, production of an advertising video especially if you are considering going through the traditional routes, requires a lot of time and efforts. Scripting, casting, editing, finding perfect actors, competent video directors, travelling to exotic locations for the shoots and blah, blah and blah – eats up a lot of your time. Now, compare it with creating an animation video which can be wrapped up in a few weeks time from the comfort of your room. No work involved… Just a few meetings with the creative team and timely approvals, and you are good to go! As easy as eating your pie! Continue reading

How to select a voice over for an explainer video

Ok, first of, a disclaimer: Basically, there are a few guidelines that could help you choose the right VO, but mostly VOs rely on one major science called GUT FEELING. Yeah, sorry to disappoint you, there is no surefire formula that’d help you choose a VO.

So why should you even read this article? Well, because you may need some tips to help your gut along. If you were selecting a VO for your explainer here are a few questions you may face:

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Why do we create non-commercial short movies?

How many of us hate Mondays? Most of us, I suppose…We almost live our Sundays dreading the next working day. The next day, morning routine beckons and we unwillingly slog along because truth be said, there is not much else we can do about it except wait for the next weekend. Ever wondered why? After a weekend of relaxation, we ought to be feeling energized and raring to go! But most of us hardly get there. The enthusiasm is just not there. It feels as if life has gotten in a rut. Everything seems stalled. We feel stuck in the groove and our fizz seems to have taken a seemingly permanent timeout! We become a victim of our own pity.

If you are nodding your heads at this point and feeling as if I am talking about how exactly you feel, I have news for you! Your life needs a shakeup. If your situation is uninteresting, boring and hardly appealing to you, it is your intuition begging you for a change. And do you know how we deal with it at Mypromovideos? Yeah, we go through the humdrum once in a while too! But before we part with that gem of information, check out this video:

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Animation is an open door! – The history of Animation

Animation is an open door! Eh… What did I really mean by that? Ummm… Sorry, no clues. Perhaps I wanted to highlight the fact that animation presents a window of opportunities! Nope. Ok, I admit that I just wrote the first thing which popped into my head. I think I might have read up some old Civil Engineering textbook – blabbering about doors and windows. Nah! I don’t really want to compare Civil Engineering to animation. Common! Animation is a far more interesting topic. Don’t you agree? So, let me allow that headline to slide for now. We might get to that later (or we might not!)

By the way, have you ever felt inclined to actually check out how animation actually came about? Since we already know that stuffs evolve! (What you really thought that humans were the only things that underwent evolution? That’s crazy!) Animation has a very interesting history, you see. I know what you are thinking! Groan! History! But wait… Read on.

It so happens that the origin of animation could be traced back to as far as Palaeolithic cave paintings. If you haven’t already figured out, ‘Palaeolithic’ is prehistoric! If you want a precise number, that should be anywhere around 2.6 million years ago! Don’t look shocked! I warned you that it would be ‘very’ interesting.

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