Stories 101

Most of us still remember the stories which we grew up with, the stories telling who we are, stories that teach us how to behave and the stories that help us to differentiate the good from the bad. Stories are and have been an integral part of our lives subconsciously even though we don’t acknowledge it.   Once a small boy watched a play depicting the life of King Harishchandra.The boy was so deeply moved by this play that he was in tears. He decided never to swerve from the path of

Adding Chemical X to an explainer - HR C

“Sugar, spice and everything nice - these were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little girls.But Professor Utonium accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction --- Chemica

How Clash of Clans can help you strategi

Disclaimer: Playing only Clash of Clans is not going to make you a good entrepreneur. I am a very big fan of Clash Of Clans. This is written assuming you know what Clash of Clans is. I think i

The making of an intergalactic explainer

Heeblue wavegy! I just said ‘Heya People!’ in alien. Bet you didn’t know that. I couldn’t speak alienese either until Xeno came by to our studio. Yep, I’m talking about this swole tri

The Karo Mutterfly Recipe

Roughly 25 years ago, all ad-breaks on television were filled with reallllyyyyy catchy jingles. Remember them?   Ahhh!  Wonderful nostalgia. Our latest video for Mutterfly is going to brin

50 Reasons (more or less) why 2015 kicke

It's always exhilarating to stand at the edge of a New year and let the memories wash over you. Too cheesy? Let's shake it up :P We did some EPIC POOP in 2015, that 2014 is going to be soooo j

Minimal Posters - Diwali

A walk down the childhood memory lane! Minimal poster for the things that we see differently only on Diwali :) Though we love making videos, we love delighting you guys even more

3 reasons why you should work for your c

No, we aren’t going to fire your clients. Not that it is remotely possible. But what you can do is to change the way you work. Now don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that you have to work any harder.

How startups can use design thinking to

Say you need a new pair of scissors. Which would you choose? A or B? If you picked A, then good luck dealing with Wrap Rage! Wrap Rage – (n) The anger and frustration arising from tryin

How to be creative under pressure

Once on Apollo’s flight to the moon, an explosion occurred which led to a dangerous build-up of carbon dioxide in the cabin. If the system was not fixed or replaced, the astronauts would be dead wit

6 years of awesomeness!

They say that growing kids have a huge appetite. Well, that is so true. We just turned 6 and we are hungry for more. More challenges, more animation, more goals, more relationships and of course, mo

Dharmalife - Not the 'usual' Explainer

If you had an app that could literally change lives, what would you do? Well Sasidhar, our client, had a clear idea of what HE would do. Sasidhar approached Mypromovideos with an unusual request -

The making of Micrograam - Explainer Vid

“Life is a circle”, begins the video. You witness the seed sprouting into a young sapling and growing into a big strong tree. With this ebb & flow of nature, the story of Maya unfolds. It is a

Looking back at 2014 - Mypromovideos Mem

Alllllrighty then! A whole year has passed us by in a blur. Time to pay homage to all the big, small and crazy things that happened this year. As always, we made some TOTALLY rad videos. Special me

Barks 'n Licks - a sweet video for man's

Early morning mist, the smell of wet earth wafting in the winds after the first rains, beautiful flowers lining the sidewalks, colorful ripe fruits neatly decking the fruit seller's display, the dista

Most Famous Cartoon Theme Songs

Phew! Searching for your favourite cartoon theme songs is like searching for a needle in the haystack. How do you pull it off? Especially when you have a whole lot on your plate to choose from... Not

Explainer Videos - Behind the Screens

So, let’s gear up for a ride because here we go! The world of animation explainer video might seem all hush-hush to an outsider. It might look like a black box where customer requirement goes in

Why Youtube comments are more entertaini

As a writer for Mypromovideos, a good chunk of my day goes in looking at videos. (Yup, it is fun and it is part of my job- no point being jealous y'all.) And really, they are a big influence- personal

Tips to produce your videos faster when

Okay! Time for some serious heart-to-heart chat, secret-spilling, gossiping and all that! Oh yeah! Why not? It’s fun! And well, we are always in for some knowledge sharing... You know, we have ha

Which type of explainer video should you

So... what type of explainer video should you choose for your marketing? Errr… What??? You thought there was only one kind? The ‘animated’ kind? Sorry to break it to you (or not!)… But there a

Five things that we did right at Mypromo

It has been five years since this journey called Mypromovideos started. Along the path we came across many good times and a hell lot of testing times. Oh boy! The joy and the satisfaction when our cli

Mypromovideos - How I became a part of i

I had decided. I wanted to make a career change. I looked at the things that i wanted - Creativity, Young Team, Fun and Friendly Environment, Startup, Global Clientele. I had always thought that I sho

Best five NGO animated explainer videos

We are back again! And still fresh and reeling from our last series on the Top five explainer videos that needed serious ‘help’. Truthfully, we are still a nervous lot from being the judge and bei

Top five explainer videos that errr....

Now, this must be interesting right? After singing hallelujah for so many explainer videos which we have come across during our amazing journey, you must have wondered if we have the ‘worst five’

Top five funniest explainer videos

Phew! Whew! And all that jazz….finally I get a breather. Thought why not continue the good work Nisha has been doing with the list of fives (Not read those? Check them out-here and here) and bring y

Know About India - Why is India called H

Boy! Oh Boy! Oh Boy! We were real worried about this one…. For a long time we debated over whether we should release this video on why is India called Hindustan even if it is secular, because it

Top Five Explainer Videos With The Best

I am back, just like I promised. This time with another interesting topic... So by now, you have probably guessed that the team is doing a series of ‘Best Five explainer videos’ blog... No brownie

Top Five Creative Explainer Videos

Understandably, when we are working with explainer videos every single day at Mypromovideos, we definitely dig around for a lot of inspirations! And with all that digging around happening every day ov

Why choose animation video over live act

So what’s your scene? I mean, if you want to get your customer’s attention, what would you do? Live shot video? Or maybe a screencast video? Good choices, both... They can be effectively exploite

How to select a voice over for explainer

Ok, first of, a disclaimer: Basically, there are a few guidelines that could help you choose the right VO, but mostly VOs rely on one major science called GUT FEELING. Yeah, sorry to disappoint you,

Why do we create non-commercial short mo

How many of us hate Mondays? Most of us, I suppose...We almost live our Sundays dreading the next working day. The next day, morning routine beckons and we unwillingly slog along because truth be said

Animation is an open door! - The history

Animation is an open door! Eh... What did I really mean by that? Ummm... Sorry, no clues. Perhaps I wanted to highlight the fact that animation presents a window of opportunities! Nope. Ok, I admit th

Cartoons are no more just for kids!

Have you seen ‘Frozen’ yet? Yeah… I am talking about that animation movie which was released some time back. Nope? No clue? Which planet are you inhibiting? Stop reading... Go... watch it! Take

Planshaadi - a love story with a happy e

Love, romance and happy endings….if you are a sucker for all things sweet, our PlanShaadi video will definitely touch a chord with you. The video tells a beautiful story of two people who fell in lo

Oneview - A 3Dimensional treat!

Did you get a chance to checkout out our TOTALLY sleek video? I'm talking about the explainer video we did for One View Procurement Solutions. It is simply a work of art...and I can give unbiased op

9 Famous Cartoon Catchphrases that'

Cartoons have a way of getting under our skin, and staying there. They’ve been influencing us from our childhood and continue to do so. If you’ve already read the blog on Cartoon characters that h

The art of B2B and B2C explainer videos

What the blazes is B2B and B2C??!! No,really anything with the word “business” in it scares the bejeezus out of me. If you are anything like me, it will take a few seconds for your brain to supp

From small town dreams to global busines

"Destiny is no excuse for failure. I believe success isn't limited by how small your hometown is. It's as big as the world you take on.” These are the wordings from a new Star Sports advertisemen

Dont settle for an explainer video, You

"So what do you do to make your explainer video special? And why should you consider going to the experts even if it means spending a wee bit extra and waiting a little longer" Let’s for a moment s

How "The Beauty of Red" video

"One of the best things we did was to collaborate with the X-Men of Mypromovideos team" - Aditi Gupta, the co-founder of Menstrupedia guest blogs Menstruation is a topic that had been shushed for

When should you go for an explainer vide

Explainer videos seem to be cropping up everywhere and looks like every self-respecting website has to have one. But don’t jump into the bandwagon and get an explainer video for the sake of it. See

9 Innovative ways to use your explainer

It is 21st century and our attention spans just got shorter! Yeah, there is a whole lot of truth that goes into that statement and you are probably wondering if I have gone bananas! Nope, I have not

Know about India - An initiative by Mypr

Know About India...the series: Well, if you follow our blogs closely, you’d know by now that most of our “smart” ideas start out as a casual discussion. As did this one. We were just discussing

Epic Chase - What happens next? #enddsto

A long, long, long…well, a really long time ago Earth was not the Earth you and I know. No, was a seething, smouldering, swirling, raging ball of fire. Monstrous fire, scary fire...scary as

Five ways to work like a Danny Boyle wit

The tremendous success of Slumdog millionaire not only gave India three Oscars but it also indirectly left a negative impact over the life of Indians and the behavior of Indian companies. (Now that's

End of year Recap : Highlights from 2013

So we started off 2013 happy that none of the Doomsday predictions for 2012 had come true and we'd put off Apocalypse by one more year at least! (Not that we had taken the prediction seriously to begi

Aaaaachoooo!! Sniff, sniff - Merry Xmas

Aaaaachoooo!! Sniff, sniff! Winter's in the air..the season of holidays, of romance, of gifts...and... of flu! Seems like there's no escaping any of these. So what happens when Merry ol' Santa catche

Make your message edible

So what do we mean when we say, “We make your message edible?” The message you communicate on the website matters - especially with the evolving online space where people are getting more impa

Inspiration Treasure Chest:Top five Face

So, you are an animator? And like every other creative person alive in the planet, you need your dose of daily inspirations to quench your creative  yearnings... But with the advent of internet in su

Menstrupedia idea whose time has c

Why Menstrupedia? So, why should Mypromovideos, a company that has a grand total of 1 (yes, one) female employee working from the office, want to make a video on, of all the topics, menstruation?  W

Inspiration Treasure Chest: The Best web

1. Webneel : Webneel is design inspiration site and it gets right down to businees. You have the latest, most interesting design on the first page itself and other articles neatly categorized under

Inspiration Treasure Chest: The Best web

Yyyyyyup, we all need inspirations...all creativity is inspired from some place. So where should you look for ideas? Fortunately, we live in the age of THE INTERNET and inspirations are aplenty. But u

5 Cartoons That Have Completely Changed

OK, so no one takes cartoons seriously, right?  I mean they are just cartoons...stuff people laugh at, with all those crazy characters that seem to defy any and every law of nature what with eyeball

Six Tried And Tested Methods To Break Cr

Like any creative person, I too, from time to time, face the dreaded "WRITER'S BLOCK" and to tell you the truth it is like one of my worst nightmares come true (in my list of worst nightmares it is

iBabyguard- where we learnt a lesson in

Babies...their laughter can make your day, and their tears can break your heart.... So when we got a product that directly targeted new parents, we wanted to touch the tender chords of humanity. An

All for fun and fun for all!

Hello peeps! Noticed something new? Those of you who've been following us on Facebook /Twitter / Youtube would surely have. And those of you who haven't...GUYS! You've been visiting all the wrong page

Magic of a Play Button

I have been thinking for a long time about writing a blog post about a finding that can increase click-through rate of the videos in our website by 100%. In the mid of last year we came across Cra

Feng Office- Swapping roles

So now a story of role reversal... At Mypromovideos we need a Project Management software to ensure that everything goes hunky-dory in the "PROJECTS" (picture that word as a vampire with bleeding f

Four Chords- a musical journey

I don't know about you, but ever since I was wee kid, I've wanted to play the guitar. In fact, I even threw a tantrum till my poor dad  got me one...only to discover that in order to play the guitar

Apocalypse...a happy ending!

So, like all those "legendary" tea-time discussions of ours, this video too started off as a small discussion. Saravanan started speaking of Apocalypse and soon we had a variety of views and trivia be

Farewell from Mypromovideos!

All around words like "Doomsday", "apocalypse", "the final judgment", "the end of the world" are doing the rounds  like overly-zealous matrons of an old-fashioned girls dormitory. You cannot have a

5 Explainer Video Myths Busted

Creating a Explainer video is like having a baby, the moment you declare that you're going to have one, you'll be piled with a ton of advice... and a whole lot of it, albeit well meaning, is nothing m

WebEngage- The most powerful in-site cus

Marketing Message WebEngage is a simple yet powerful in-site survey, feedback and notifications tool for ecommerce websites, that helps you collect useful marketing and sales insights. We had met the

Behind-the-scenes of behind-the-scenes v

Recently we updated a team video and we've been getting a lot of enquiries about it. So we thought, hey why not write a blog on it? And we can direct all those folks who want to know more to it. But

The Good Time Company-THE partner of you

Marketing Message The Good Time Company offers a variety of team building activities like 2CV drive, biking etc., that can involve everyone, regardless of their age, gender or nature, in a fun and

A to Z of Scriptwriting For Animated Dem

ANIMATABLE words. This is the key to all animation. Yes, we all know a mineload of words and jargons, but if these cannot be translated into animations, they are of no use. BREVITY is the soul of wit.

Vowchr-Get feedback, obtain new customer

Marketing Message Vowchr works in two ways a. It assists businessmen by helping them get surveys and reward loyalty in the form of QR codes. b. It benefits customers because when they scan these QR c

YoTaxi-Say Yo! And your taxi's here!

Marketing Message YoTaxi is an app for hailing taxis. You simply tap on the app and a taxi will come to you. YoTaxi wanted us to explain how this app made lives easy, having none of the drawbacks o

Appsurfer - more visibility and more dow

Marketing Message AppSurfer is platform where users can try an app before actually downloading it to their device and so app developers can generate greater app visibility and more downloads. Now,

5 things about clients that make us go g

We don't just do our jobs, we do it with a passion. So when we create videos, there are a few things that really spark our creativity and help us deliver the best. Not surprisingly, most of these are

Refermyticket- it's your right to fight

Marketing Message When someone gets a traffic ticket they not only have to pay for the ticket but they also lose points, making their insurance shoot up and putting them at a risk of losing their l

GenCrowd - Crowdsourced Ideation

Marketing Message GenCrowd is an online marketplace which allows people to crowdsource ideas, content and feedback for their business needs. This was the marketing message we had to deliver. We had t

TheDirtBag - One Dirt Bag You'll Lo

Marketing Message The Dirt is an easy-to-use online source for buying bulk garden supplies. We had to convey the message that because of theDirtBag there'd be no more guessing how much produ

Happy Birthday MyPromoVideos!

Hi everyone! Yeah, we know it. It's been long....way too long since our last post and, as we say in India, "a thousand apologies" :) You see we've been flooded with projects off-late leaving us little

Niche Trainings- Speeding up your learni

Marketing Message Niche Trainings came to us with a very interesting service. They provide short video lessons made by experts they've vetted,  on a wide variety of topics. People use it to disco

Formvote- Ask Away

Marketing Message Formvote is a place where you can get opinion on anything from your peers. The client wanted to convey a simple message that with Formvote making decision became easy. How we ap

Biztrumpet - take your business online,

Marketing Message BizTrumpet wanted to convey the message that it helps existing business go online quickly and in the process saves them a pot-load of money which might otherwise get spent on B2B

Quewey - Business Questions. Professiona

Marketing Message Quewey is a question and answer site— unlike many we see around the internet. What differentiates Quewey from the multitudes of other similar sites is the fact that Quewey is a

Freshdesk- Refreshing Customer Support

Marketing Message Freshdesk was born as a response to a comment on a news item about how a leading customer support software company hiked prices up to 300% and made their customers unhappy. Sinc

New Option Realty - A new way to save in

Marketing Message The main marketing message New Option Realty wanted to convey was that by opting for New Option Reality, the agent fee would reduce considerably because while traditional agents ch

Resmosaic - Bringing together the pieces

Marketing Message Resmosaic is a site that stores and organizes the personal, professional and educational accomplishments of the people. Resmosaic provides solutions for storing information rather


Marketing Message: Transputec wanted a video that would bring out the challenges faced by organizations because of Consumerisation(yeah, spelt with an "s" not "z"— UK client, you see) of  IT. T


Marketing Message Personal consultation is a multi-million dollar industry in the US. Quewey, which is an amazing forum for posting business questions and answers, decided to launch a Personal Co

Clicktools- Connecting the Dots

Marketing Message: Clicktools provides you with the means of collecting customer feedback and integrating it to your CRM. Clicktools wanted to describe the process of a customer buying a product


AN EXCUSE TO HAVE FUN.... "All work and no play..." Yup, you know how the saying goes, and we really didn't want to end up DULL (heaven forbid... far from it !!) So it was decided that it was time for

Why do people work?

So, we were all having a tea-time discussion the other day(if you know us, tea-time discussion can be on anything from the most mundane of topics to nuclear science- and no matter what the topic- EVER

WorkFlowy-Brand new demo video

We wanted to create a demo video for WorkFlowy . We knew first-hand about how useful WorkFlowy could be because we use it on a regular basis at MyPromoVideos. But how does one communicate the uses to

Impact of Web Videos in 2012

The Internet is experiencing a serious game changing Paradigm shift in 2012. The World Wide Web is infected by the incurable Attention Inability Deficiency Syndrome and if you are selling anything on

MyPromoVideos gets a new look!

You know what happens when a group of extremely talented, remarkably creative, slightly nutty and awfully enthusiastic young minds come together? You get a place where imagination, ingenuity and innov