Sniffing out 2017!

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Hello there! Hi! Hi ! Do you have a biscuit, do you have a bone, do you have a string, a thread at least? Do you have anything I could chew on? You do? Yay! I love you already!

Oh, oops…I got carried away a bit there. I’m Inba, also known as “Double Trouble”, Inbuliski, Inbasaurus, Inbu, Inbuji, Chukudu, Kipucha, Dai and many other names. I adopted Mypromovideos as my home in January 2017 and turned a complete one in December 2017 and so I am sure I am the best authority for summing up how the year has been for my family, don’t you agree?

In the beginning it was tough for me, I had not developed the fine nuance of creeping up on people unexpectedly back then and inevitably drew more attention to myself than I wanted. People also went into sighing fits around me, often whispering “cho chweet” which I think in their language is a warning that I am about to be  petted endlessly. I was made to endure dog food that I found, frankly, gross(Update: I am slowly getting used to it). But being the enterprising chap I am, I often hung around kitchen and blackmailed folks with my eyes to feed me whatever they were having.

A major change that happened this year was the logo – it changed and included an animal- before you start guessing, it wasn’t me. Sad, I know, they went with an elephant. But at least it looks cute and majestic. Hmm… I think they take me to be a human.

Mypromovideos also spread its wings and joined hands with Torus Tech and started overseas offices. Three paw shakes to that!

Some new faces came in- Parichay, Mohan, Ramesh and Dhruva. Parichay and Dhruva, they said, were interns and could not have the pleasure of my company for too long. No problem! We are going to get more interns from MIT, Pune and DJ Academy, Maharashtra, so I can spread love to them all. But do hope they come back.

I saw my family create some pretty good videos. They kept saying this Xploree video went viral- I felt sorry for the video for the infection it got because I was sure this meant a trip to the video vet, but you know, for videos it seems viral infection is a good thing. I, meanwhile, was getting treated for viral infections I didn’t even have!

I was starting to understand that this video thing was more important to them than me, I didn’t like it. They created other videos they loved- Kettlelend, Bioxcel, Turtlemint…all the while rejecting my offers for a friendly tug-off-war game …such a superior display of self-control!

They were also working with this big company a lot… it did something called Mutual Funds…I don’t know what it is…but they said they were working on simplifying the matter. If I know my family right, by next year, I will know everything about it and will invest in dog chew toys!

They also created some “passion” projects like 8th Anniversary video,  video on coping with loneliness (they could have just said “get a dog”- all loneliness gone- silly people!) and many, many, many, many posters and gifs. How can someone have passion beyond food is beyond me!

Food! That reminds me of the awesome food festival we had for Diwali. We made food from all the regions of India- North, South, East, West. I was drooling for days!

There were a number of other celebrations too- Festivals, birthdays, Annual Day, New Year and more. Often they would leave me and go on “treats” but what is a treat without the main foodie(me) in the group? Thankfully, they mostly had a chewbone for me when they got back, so I  forgive them.

The best day of it all? It was my birthday- when I got this- my own throne:

They also celebrated some days- like some day for colors– I don’t get it- why do they celebrate colors? Smells or sounds, now that would have made more sense.

They also celebrated Heritage Day with some beautiful work.These monuments are nothing compared to the masterpieces I dig out everyday.

A group of folks went on a tough pilgrimage to Vellingiri malai from our office- what do I say? They climbed some hills and think it is a big deal. Let them live with that illusion.

A bunch of strangers came into our office one day- they called themselves Madrasters– I don’t know what they did but my family seemed very happy, so I guess it was a good thing.

My crazy family tried to get some method into their madness with  “Design Thinking” workshops by harvard-trained coach. I get lot more post its to play with these days!

I know a new fad hits this office every year- one year it was cricket, one it was cards, one it was dumb charades and do you know what it was this year? It was lottery! Every week they would go into this fervour praying for luck and imagining the crores they would make. And when they didn’t get it- I became the paper shredder for them! Humans, I say!

But I got my own lucky streak when I won challenge certificates– here, you can check them out:

On a side note- Dinesh and Aravind started keyboard classes and Udhay started flute classes, so when I write in next year I am sure I will have some points to add about their musical journey.

It was an exciting year, overall. I have gone from getting the reactions of “Ah! So cute” to “Aaaah! Will he bite me?” So I guess I have become powerful now. Confession: I have not really mastered the art of ferocious barking, or the science of biting human beings, as yet, but let this be our little secret, okay? If you ever come in, be sure to bring me something to chew on and you have a friend for life, I promise.

Well, I’m tired now, let me go sleep in the kitchen- my comfort zone.

Wishing you many licks and tail wags in 2018!!!

Woof! (I hope I got that bark right!)

VimidaSniffing out 2017!
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Where and how can I use an animated video?

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Indian Mythology is replete with stories. One such story is of a wise sage. He got all his disciples to gather around him. Now he gave each of them a long piece of thread- nothing fancy- just a simple white cotton thread.

“Take a good look at the piece thread in your hand, and now tell me what you can use it for. I want you to give me as many ideas as possible. As long as the thread is being used, there is no wrong answer”, he said.

VimidaWhere and how can I use an animated video?
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5 Things you should know before you plan a Viral video

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On the Valentine’s Day 2005 was born something that was about to change the entertainment world forever- Youtube. And with the growth of Youtube videos, a strange phenomenon began to take shape – viral videos. Double rainbows, kids biting each other, meowing cats, goats interrupting songs…the world was going bonkers over these videos!

Vimida5 Things you should know before you plan a Viral video
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Casa Grande Thirumudivakkam…building your dream

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Grab your coffee…and let’s get started!

Well, heard of those situations where things just fall into place? Well, our Thirumudivakkam videos was one of those. The client had given us a pretty simple brief and oodles of freedom- the best way to get our thinking wheels churning double-time. Right here was a wonderful opportunity to do something creative and Boy! Were we gonna be creative! We couldn’t wait to begin.

VimidaCasa Grande Thirumudivakkam…building your dream
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Some thoughts on woman’s day

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I’ve been with Mypromovideos for more than five years now, the longest I’ve been with any group, save my family and school. During this period I’ve grown with the firm both metaphorically and literally (heh!heh!). Most of my time here, I’ve been the only woman in the crew ( Although off and on, we’ve had other ladies). So, it is pretty natural that I often get questioned about how I feel here, doesn’t it affect me in anyway? What has made me stick on? Well, there’s a short and a long answer to it. The short,  tl;dr, answer is that I’m comfortable here and yes, it does affect me in some ways. But….there’s a longer answer too. And that’s what has made me stay on…

VimidaSome thoughts on woman’s day
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The time we took a Sellfie

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The future of shopping

Listen up, folks! If you don’t know what contextual commerce means, then you need to get out of that rock you’ve been living under. Citrus Pay – you know, THE Citrus Pay, an online payment gateway provider – came out with a new product that might just change the game in contextual commerce. Yes, yes, contextual commerce sounds really technical. But it just means that shopping is taken out of the traditional ‘shop’ and becomes part of our everyday lives (don’t worry, we didn’t know that either 😛 ). It is literally the future of shopping!

Shravanthi PThe time we took a Sellfie
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Banking and Finance what are you waiting for? Sincerely, videos.

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A few years ago, there was a new kid on the block – Digital storytelling. Oh, the excitement around it was palpable. Digital storytelling soon became the buzzword at every conference. It had many facets – social media presence, emails, and newsletters, app explainer videos, online community building etc.

Custom explainer videos were only a small part of digital marketing, but within a short time, grew a great deal. Today, video marketing is seen as the newest income magnet by marketers. And rightly so. Because brands are notorious for growing 49% faster than the rest, when they use promotional videos for their businesses.

Shravanthi PBanking and Finance what are you waiting for? Sincerely, videos.
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Spectrum Life School

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Well, we’ll be the first to admit that we’ve not done too many Television ads, and that’s for a reason- we’re too damn fussy! We don’t like doing run-of-the-mill ads. We also find educational institutions and hospitals that advertise their facilities pretty damn tacky. And then came Spectrum Life School- wanting an ad, for an educational institution. But it was going to be something unusual and creatively challenging. Were we going to say “Yes”? Of course!

VimidaSpectrum Life School
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