WorkFlowy-Brand new demo video

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We wanted to create a demo video for WorkFlowy . We knew first-hand about how useful WorkFlowy could be because we use it on a regular basis at MyPromoVideos. But how does one communicate the uses to others? That was the challenge. Gopal and I had to first list out the various uses of WorkFlowy and then only retain the ones that had universal appeal and made WorkFlowy unique. Who would benefit from WorkFlowy the most? A person who needed help in organizing. That is how Jeff was born- a person struggling to balance his personal and professional roles in life. Soon a story began taking shape. Once the Screenplay was ready, Vignesh along with Saravana Kumar brought it to life. And finally our efforts paid off  and Jesse Patel at WorkFlowy loved the cute video :)

I leave you with the interview of us with Jesse Patel, WorkFlowy.



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