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All for fun and fun for all!

Hello peeps!

Noticed something new? Those of you who’ve been following us on Facebook /Twitter / Youtube would surely have. And those of you who haven’t…GUYS! You’ve been visiting all the wrong pages!

From now on, you’ll have something to look forward to in our social media pages. It will showcase some flavor of the season- events, occasions, trends or  something related to the season itself.

Our first theme is All Fool’s day – April First. We have picturesque spring settings (April is also springtime, you see!)..the flowers, birds, greenery, clouds…mmmmm! And then we have a man…with a saw… perched on a tree branch…trying to cut the very branch he’s seated on! And birds commenting cheekily about it.

Yes, the message we’re trying to send across is that human beings are the greatest fools. By destroying nature, we are in fact, destroying ourselves.

What? Didn’t you think we’re capable of deep thoughts? At times we surprise ourselves :D

Got some great ideas or a concept you’d like to come to life? Tell us! Simply comment or tweet. If it rocks we may just incorporate your ideas into our cover pages. We’ll choose the most creative ones and showcase it on our social media pages….with due credits to you!

So…go check out our social media sites now….and if you like what’s there, don’t forget to comment, like, tweet and share!!


Feng Office- Swapping roles

So now a story of role reversal…

At Mypromovideos we need a Project Management software to ensure that everything goes hunky-dory in the “PROJECTS” (picture that word as a vampire with bleeding fangs – a force to be reckoned with!) land. Finding the perfect one is not really easy ‘coz some of them could get Stephen Hawking confused. But we did find one that fit us to the “T” and it was,(ta-da! and spotlights…maybe also a few streamers?) Feng Office (back then it was called by another name…but that’s beyond the purview of this discussion).

So time went on and we were enjoying using Feng Office. We were their clients.

And then…

Continue reading

Four Chords- a musical journey

I don’t know about you, but ever since I was wee kid, I’ve wanted to play the guitar. In fact, I even threw a tantrum till my poor dad  got me one…only to discover that in order to play the guitar you actually had to learn how to…well, I was only four or so, whaddya expect? So there ended my adventure with a guitar.

Fast forward a few decades and here now is an app that can help all wannabe guitarist like me, and it’s called Four Chords. The FourChords app is the best guitar karaoke there is (also maybe the only one of its kind). It  takes the essence of songs and helps you play your favorite song using just four chords. Play on guitar, directly from the app, clap along and sing along, it is all possible. Continue reading

Eseekerz- A Channel of trust

Eseekerz, now this is a really interesting story. So just grab a cup of coffee, kick back your shoes and relax.
It all started, as it often does, with our client and now good friend, Amit. Now Amit came to us with a VERY interesting new service…it was like the marriage of an online marketplace like Amazon or Ebay and a social media website like Facebook. Incredible! The very idea seemed to cry “Viral”! But understanding this product was no cakewalk…it was as vast as an ocean, and had almost as many possibilities. Continue reading

5 Explainer Video Myths Busted

Creating a Explainer video is like having a baby, the moment you declare that you’re going to have one, you’ll be piled with a ton of advice… and a whole lot of it, albeit well meaning, is nothing more than guesswork. Most often people draw conclusions from their own experiences or what they have heard from others without realizing that in this industry, one rule doesn’t apply to all. These speculations have over time become so set-in-stone that we believe them to be actual facts, whereas they are  nothing but  myths related to  Explainer videos.

Myth 1: Don’t Use Humor

Fact: Who doesn’t like to laugh? Just because you are in a serious business is no reason for you to get all serious. It is your message that’s important. If humor helps get your message across, go for it.
Checkout this video titled “Dumb ways to die” brought out by Metro Trains, Australia, for example.

Did you notice the number of views? Speaking of death is a serious business, but they have managed to create humor around it and to draw attention of the people to the cause.

Or take the case of this explainer for Air Safety Video:

See how they turn the most boring part of the journey into the most interesting thing you’ll ever see.
Ah! But I can hear some of you think…this is not applicable to demo videos related to products and services, well think again.

I present to you two exemplary examples for this.

Google Wave was something that only geeks could understand. Rest of the world was wondering what on earth the fuss was all about. Then came this landmark video, and checkout the views.

Need more proof? See this video that even had Ashton Kutcher going gaga:

Myth 2: Use Humor

Fact: Yes, the reverse is also not true. The fact is that there is no hard and fast rule that says that your Explainer video will suck if it has humor or doesn’t have humor.  You have to decide on the best way to showcase your message, if humor would make it click, awesome. Else, forget it. If you want to move people with emotion, then humor may not do the trick.

Here’s an inspiring work that doesn’t use humor and still does spectacularly well:

This video became a sort-of visual anthem for entrepreneurs. The message touches sentiments beautifully.

Another example?See how sensitively this video brings out the topic

This video has connected with millions and since it is such a sensitive topic, this is undoubtedly the best possible treatment.

Myth 3: Add A Forceful Call-To-Action

Fact: Gone are the days where cheesy call-to-actions worked. Now the moment you put a call to action, folks get suspicious. Today your audience is well-seasoned and well-informed. The best way to get them to do what you want (sign up, register, donate money etc) is to explain what you are all about. If they feel convinced by the message, they will come flocking to you, you don’t have to get a monster of call-to-action to push them to you. Case-in-point, this Goopge Play video where you are simply titillated with the possibilities and left with a link.

People have gotten so used to call-to-action that they hardly notice it. If you want to have a call-to-action, that should effectively be a  straightforward, simple combination of words that directs them to the place where they can get more info. See this video for example:

It speaks of everything the book is about  and ends with a very matter-of-fact call-to-action “Learn how at”. No pressure at all

Myth 4: Include All The Features

Fact: The video is just a few minutes long. So speak of the most important pain-point that your product/service solves and only that. If you need reference I would like to once again direct you to the Google Wave video. Where the actual explanation of all the feature could have taken hours.

You can also take a look at our Freshdesk video:

Freshdesk has lots of awesome features but not only was it impossible to explain all of it in so little time but it would also have made a tediously boring video. We just whet the appetite of the  viewer and we speak of the potential.

Myth 5: Cater Only To Your Target Market

Fact: Explainer Videos cannot be put into the same bracket as regular ads. They work in a different manner. Here if a video gets liked by millions, it will be shared by millions and will, through various channels and connections, reach your target market. So should it cater to your target market? Yes. But should it cater only to your target market? The short answer will be , no.  Refer all the videos above and they’ll all tell you the same story. Anybody who sees these will understand the video, regardless of whether they are the target market and so your message will spread, inadvertently touching your target as it spreads.

To conclude, when you create a demo video your focus should be on having a concrete message and finding best ways to showcase the message. The rest will take care of itself.

5 things about clients that make us go gaga, in a good way!

We don’t just do our jobs, we do it with a passion. So when we create videos, there are a few things that really spark our creativity and help us deliver the best. Not surprisingly, most of these are related to our clients. Curious to know what they are? Read on…

1. A Client Who’s As Charged-up As Us:
Today, we received a feedback from a client, the last line of the email read “We’re so excited.” And that brought a smile to my lips— what a great way to start off the day! A client who is super-excited about the video equals a super-excited us. This one really tops the list of our favorite things. When we both have the same enthusiasm the end result can only be something spectacular. So yes, if you’re excited about the video, your virus effortlessly spreads to us and before you know it you have an epidemic Continue reading

A to Z of Scriptwriting For Animated Demo Videos

ANIMATABLE words. This is the key to all animation. Yes, we all know a mineload of words and jargons, but if these cannot be translated into animations, they are of no use.
BREVITY is the soul of wit…and animated explainer videos. The shorter your sentences, the better will be the audience’s understanding.
CONVERSATIONAL tone. The best demo videos are the ones that talk to the viewer. Don’t tell them, have a little chat with them.
DEFINE the product. If you are introducing a product or service, there should be small, one sentence description that describes it.
EXPLAIN the benefits. What will the user get out of it? That is the most important thing to be stressed.
FOUR features, that is the maximum you should try to cram into a demo video, although the lesser the better. Add more and( yawn!) good luck keeping your audience awake!
GOOFY is good! Don’t take yourself too seriously, lighten up the script and the viewers will connect with you automatically.
HUMANIZE your script. You might have a great product/service but to make it connect with your audience, you have to make it tangible to them. Use stories, metaphors, jokes or visuals etc to make that emotional connect.
INNOVATE. Ideate. Improvise. Do everything possible to make sure that your script it not the usual, dry meal that is served all the time. There has to be something unique about it.
JUNK the jargon. You might think that jargons impress people. They don’t. They only confuse. Even if your target audience belong to a jargon-spewing group, using normal words still works better. And no, they’re not “looking” for those keywords in the video.
KINDLE their imagination, create a script that sparks that special something in viewers and makes them want to know more.
LEARN from the experience of others. Take a look at the animated demo video scripts that work and try to discover why. Don’t copy the style or the words but get inspired by this “why”.
MEAN what you say. Do not make promises that you cannot keep. Be realistic about what your product can actually do.
NUANCES of humor emotions, the finer shades, have to be understood perfectly. Using humor is not mandatory but there should be some kind of emotion that touches the viewer.
OPINIONS of others matter. Ask people who will be frank with you, preferably from the target group. Find out what they think of the script.
PITCH it right. Overselling can be the death of a demo video. Do not keep pushing your call-to-action, people will distrust you. Just explain the magic of your product or service. It will sell itself.
QUESTION conventions. You might have seen a million animated demo videos, most of which follow the same style. But this does not mean that you can’t try something new…
RESEARCH. Know your topic in and out. When you write a script you should be clear on all aspects of the product/service. Even if you don’t use it in the script.
STORY. This is at the heart of an animated demo video. If you have a great story to tell, your audience will listen.
TARGET AUDIENCE. When you write a script for a demo video, you need to know the psyche of your target market. What makes them laugh, what makes them cry, what pains them…how do you solve their problems?
UNDERSTAND timing. When working on an animated demo video script, you have to keep in mind that in many places you have to give time for a scene to get established and for an animation to happen.
VISUALIZE the animated demo video script, even as you write it. This is the only way to ensure that your script can become entertaining and your words get translated into good animations.
WATCH your language! Yes you can break a few rules of grammar — but you have to know the rules to break them. Using urban slang is fine, but speaking like an illiterate, if not on purpose, is a definite no-no.
XENOPHOBIC, racist, bigoted, chauvinistic or otherwise insulting personal opinions have no place in these videos, even if used in jest. Be careful of the message you are sending, we don’t want to hurt any sentiments, right?
YES to memorable endings! This is like the ending of the story. Make it charming. Do not overburden the viewer with info here. If possible, add a box-shot, after the logo and contact info are on screen…something funny or creative.
ZEST. This is the most important word if you want to write for an animated demo video. Be passionate about the script you are writing. None of the above points matter without it.

Appsurfer – more visibility and more downloads for your apps.

Marketing Message
AppSurfer is platform where users can try an app before actually downloading it to their device and so app developers can generate greater app visibility and more downloads. Now, this is a revolutionary idea and with the right push Appsurfer could become the YouTube for Apps.
How we approached it
The target market for AppSurfer was an App developer. Our idea began to germinate from here. We thought of the “developer-beard” cliché and humorous ideas began to flood us. We wove a story around a developer so obsessed with his App that he gives up all fun in life and focuses on it. But what happens when this App gets released? Continue reading

Refermyticket- it's your right to fight

Marketing Message
When someone gets a traffic ticket they not only have to pay for the ticket but they also lose points, making their insurance shoot up and putting them at a risk of losing their license.  The way around it is to hire a professional who fights in court on your behalf and makes sure that you don’t lose points. But hiring such a person can come with its own set of problems— there is no knowing if they’re professionals and they can charge a lot. With Refermyticket , vetted ticket professionals bid to earn your business, so you can get the best deal.
How we approached it
With the help of our client, we devised a story of a man called Don who is taking his wife Lisa out. When he rushes, he gets a speeding ticket. Then we Continue reading

YoTaxi-Say Yo! And your taxi’s here!

Marketing Message
YoTaxi is an app for hailing taxis. You simply tap on the app and a taxi will come to you. YoTaxi wanted us to explain how this app made lives easy, having none of the drawbacks of call taxis.Yo taxi also wanted us to make character around whom all their branding would revolve.

How we approached it
Oh! We had some really ambitious plans for YoTaxi. The YoTaxi  app works on Smartphones and from there we started to get the beginnings of an idea. Continue reading