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Marketing Message

Personal consultation is a multi-million dollar industry in the US. Quewey, which is an amazing forum for posting business questions and answers, decided to launch a Personal Consultation Platform where anybody seeking a business advice can have a one-on-one with an industry expert. Quewey wanted to market the opportunities this presented to both the consultation seeker and the consultant.

How we approached it:

We decided that we would bring out the opportunities Quewey PCP presented to the consultant and the one needing consultation separately. Something of the style had been hinted at by the client. Quewey wanted us to use shape and typo animations. They wanted us to create characters from one of their target groups but they did not want us to alienate any potential customers in the process. This was something of a challenge, but we overcame that by using the character as an example. We first spoke about the general criteria for becoming a consultant and then introduced Chris Abbot —the experienced investment banker — as an example. We did the same for Emily Jones- a person looking to join an investment banking firm.
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