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5 Cartoons That Have Completely Changed The Way We Look At Things

OK, so no one takes cartoons seriously, right?  I mean they are just cartoons…stuff people laugh at, with all those crazy characters that seem to defy any and every law of nature what with eyeballs popping out of their faces or with crazy characters falling  all over the place for no apparent reason. They’re not there revolutionizing the world or changing the way we think…and yet….they do. Despite all the silliness, or maybe because of it, we start to internalize the message they send. And start looking at things differently. Iconic cartoons always change the way we interpret the mundane.  Need examples?

1. Popeye : Spinach – the secret ingredient in every superhero’s diet

Popeye, the Sailor Man made eating spinach look trendy. The item on a dinner table kids loved to loathe suddenly became equivalent to strength and muscles and everything a young boy could dream of.  It made Popeye do things human beings couldn’t  conceive of…like drilling a hole through the ceiling with his bare hands or lifting a building on his nose-tip. Of course, none of us bought that spinach could be that good, but still we did start associating it with sheer power. Boring spinach suddenly became most wanted, and all thanks to the sailor.

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Inspiration Treasure Chest: The Best websites to inspire Animators: Part 1

Yyyyyyup, we all need inspirations…all creativity is inspired from some place. So where should you look for ideas? Fortunately, we live in the age of THE INTERNET and inspirations are aplenty. But unfortunately  it is goddamn tough to sift through it all to find the real gems. So we thought we’d compile a list of our favorite places. These are the places we look to for sparking our creativity. This series will cover inspirations for animations, illustrations, designs, typography, writing and so forth…Oughta be helpful.

The Best websites to inspire Animators: Part 1

1. Motionographer.com: If you are an animator and needed to pick just one website out of this list, this would be it. It has everything from spellbinding videos to inspire you to tutorials to communities to events…almost everything an animator can ask for and then some more. Don’t be fooled by the rather academic/boring looking layout of the site. It is a wonderland of inspirations.

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iBabyguard- where we learnt a lesson in tenderness

Babies…their laughter can make your day, and their tears can break your heart….

So when we got a product that directly targeted new parents, we wanted to touch the tender chords of humanity. And this we did with sounds of baby gurgling, sweet sound effects and (of course!) by creating an uber cute infant character.

We loved working on iBabyguard from Day Go! for many reasons-

1. iBabyguard was a physical product, unlike all the services, software and apps that we normally worked for- AWESOME!

2. It was targeting the regular masses and not the tech-crowd, which for us was, again, refreshing- DOUBLY AWESOME!!

3. The product revolves around, as I’ve mentioned before, babies, TRIPLEY(??) AWESOME!!!

This video was not going to be the usual explainer video, because iBabyguard was something that was going to elevate monitoring babies to the next level…it was going to help us guard, or rather, safeguard our babies. So we wanted to showcase the difference between merely monitoring and actually guarding the baby.

New parents are constantly guilt-ridden when faced with the prospect of leaving their cherished little one alone. But in the modern life, they have no choice but to leave the tiny one unattended for some time if they have to get their chores done.

Most gadgets that are in use nowadays for monitoring  are more like spying tools, and a parent has to keep monitoring this monitor, implying they can never do anything peacefully.

Hence we took this pain point and painted our video around this. We garnished this with a heady mixture of comedy and tenderness in such a way that every new urban parent would be able to identify with it.

So our story is the story of a couple and stands out the moment it starts because it begins with the sounds of coochie cooing and heart-warming baby sounds. Most of the scenes take place within a nursery and the nursery has been carefully illustrated in keeping with this.

The whole story brings out the usability of iBabyguard without boring the viewer to death with all the features, because busy parents (our target group) have really no time for that.

We used lots and lots of colors, which not only give the right mood and life to the videos, but also reflected reality artistically. To add to the entire energetic feel of the video, we have characters with exaggerated expressions complemented by the music.

When you see this video, you feel the need of these parents to protects their baby, their concerns of how to keep the baby out-of-harm, the tenderness and finally the peace-of-mind they feel when they feel that they’ve at last found the right solution, iBabyguard. Now their baby can sleep undisturbed and the parents can relax. Ah!

Team Involved:

Creative Director: Anil
Script: Vimida
Illustrations: Imodraj
Animations: Azeem
Edits: Pratheesh

All for fun and fun for all!

Hello peeps!

Noticed something new? Those of you who’ve been following us on Facebook /Twitter / Youtube would surely have. And those of you who haven’t…GUYS! You’ve been visiting all the wrong pages!

From now on, you’ll have something to look forward to in our social media pages. It will showcase some flavor of the season- events, occasions, trends or  something related to the season itself.

Our first theme is All Fool’s day – April First. We have picturesque spring settings (April is also springtime, you see!)..the flowers, birds, greenery, clouds…mmmmm! And then we have a man…with a saw… perched on a tree branch…trying to cut the very branch he’s seated on! And birds commenting cheekily about it.

Yes, the message we’re trying to send across is that human beings are the greatest fools. By destroying nature, we are in fact, destroying ourselves.

What? Didn’t you think we’re capable of deep thoughts? At times we surprise ourselves :D

Got some great ideas or a concept you’d like to come to life? Tell us! Simply comment or tweet. If it rocks we may just incorporate your ideas into our cover pages. We’ll choose the most creative ones and showcase it on our social media pages….with due credits to you!

So…go check out our social media sites now….and if you like what’s there, don’t forget to comment, like, tweet and share!!


Feng Office- Swapping roles

So now a story of role reversal…

At Mypromovideos we need a Project Management software to ensure that everything goes hunky-dory in the “PROJECTS” (picture that word as a vampire with bleeding fangs – a force to be reckoned with!) land. Finding the perfect one is not really easy ‘coz some of them could get Stephen Hawking confused. But we did find one that fit us to the “T” and it was,(ta-da! and spotlights…maybe also a few streamers?) Feng Office (back then it was called by another name…but that’s beyond the purview of this discussion).

So time went on and we were enjoying using Feng Office. We were their clients.

And then…

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Four Chords- a musical journey

I don’t know about you, but ever since I was wee kid, I’ve wanted to play the guitar. In fact, I even threw a tantrum till my poor dad  got me one…only to discover that in order to play the guitar you actually had to learn how to…well, I was only four or so, whaddya expect? So there ended my adventure with a guitar.

Fast forward a few decades and here now is an app that can help all wannabe guitarist like me, and it’s called Four Chords. The FourChords app is the best guitar karaoke there is (also maybe the only one of its kind). It  takes the essence of songs and helps you play your favorite song using just four chords. Play on guitar, directly from the app, clap along and sing along, it is all possible. Continue reading

5 things about clients that make us go gaga, in a good way!

We don’t just do our jobs, we do it with a passion. So when we create videos, there are a few things that really spark our creativity and help us deliver the best. Not surprisingly, most of these are related to our clients. Curious to know what they are? Read on…

1. A Client Who’s As Charged-up As Us:
Today, we received a feedback from a client, the last line of the email read “We’re so excited.” And that brought a smile to my lips— what a great way to start off the day! A client who is super-excited about the video equals a super-excited us. This one really tops the list of our favorite things. When we both have the same enthusiasm the end result can only be something spectacular. So yes, if you’re excited about the video, your virus effortlessly spreads to us and before you know it you have an epidemic Continue reading

Appsurfer – more visibility and more downloads for your apps.

Marketing Message
AppSurfer is platform where users can try an app before actually downloading it to their device and so app developers can generate greater app visibility and more downloads. Now, this is a revolutionary idea and with the right push Appsurfer could become the YouTube for Apps.
How we approached it
The target market for AppSurfer was an App developer. Our idea began to germinate from here. We thought of the “developer-beard” cliché and humorous ideas began to flood us. We wove a story around a developer so obsessed with his App that he gives up all fun in life and focuses on it. But what happens when this App gets released? Continue reading

Happy Birthday MyPromoVideos!

Hi everyone!
Yeah, we know it. It’s been long….way too long since our last post and, as we say in India,
“a thousand apologies” :)
You see we’ve been flooded with projects off-late leaving us little time for blogs. But that’s no excuse, I’ll be the first to admit. So we’ll do our best to keep the blogs up-to-date from now.
(Ok, I notice that “do our best” seems like a very ambiguous phrasing, or what Dilbert’s creator, Scott Adams may call “weasel-ese”, but I really do mean it. We WILL do our best)

So what’s been happening in the past three months?
Mypromovideos has been getting a facelift, with many creatively exciting projects coming our way .
But more importantly, we recently turned three! Yup!!! We’ve come a long way from being insecure infants to bubbly toddlers! We do have a long distance to traverse  still, but as all three-year-olds we’re damn thrilled about the prospect!

So join us as we get geared up for, what promises to be, an adventurous journey ahead!
Welcome aboard, folks!

Formvote- Ask Away

Marketing Message
Formvote is a place where you can get opinion on anything from your peers. The client wanted to convey a simple message that with Formvote making decision became easy.
How we approached it
As the process involved was simple, we decided to bring out the simplicity of it through the video. We showed various times in a person’s life when having a second opinion would have helped  and explained that it was exactly what you got with Formvote. Continue reading