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Explainer Videos – Behind the Screens

So, let’s gear up for a ride because here we go!

graphic1The world of animation explainer video might seem all hush-hush to an outsider. It might look like a black box where customer requirement goes in and an explainer video comes out.
But there’s so much more to it.

The whole process behind creating an explainer video is by no means, a haphazard exercise. In fact, our methods are detailed and well-thought. So, let’s see how we go about a project.

Creative Brief:

This is the very first step. It is sort of a ‘making connection’ with the client. Once a request comes in, we gather up for a call with the client over the phone, Skype or even in person. We ask a set of questions which help us get a very good idea about the needs and requirements of the client regarding the video. So, who attends the meeting? Of course, all the creative people involved in the project! That includes the script writer, the creative director for the project, project manager, animator etc. Continue reading

Inspiration Treasure Chest: The Best websites for design Inspirations

Inspiration Treasure Chest

1. Webneel : Webneel is design inspiration site and it gets right down to businees. You have the latest, most interesting design on the first page itself and other articles neatly categorized under photoshop, vector, photography, web design etc. The articles carry minimum text and let the art do all the speaking…so I’m going to shut up and do the same:

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Top five explainer videos that errr…. didn’t agree with us!

Now, this must be interesting right? After singing hallelujah for so many explainer videos which we have come across during our amazing journey, you must have wondered if we have the ‘worst five’ list with us… Of course, we do! Though we wouldn’t keep them in the ‘worst list’, we could say these videos could have done better with some improvement and expert help! Probably these videos were made by start-ups who might be a major force to reckon with today, but a list is a list so without much ado, let me get started.

Check out this one!
5. Washington Realtors :

The white board animation is fair quality, no doubt about that! But really, the script??? This is more like a story with dialogues read out… The scriptwriter probably took his story writing skills too seriously! And those wordings on the screen, were they written with a paint brush?

For now, I would let it slide. Probably because, it has the quality of 1860’s, I guess sophisticated fonts were not developed by then! Or probably the video makers were angry with the client and decided to take it out on him… Or maybe, the animation guys were given tight deadlines! (Ah, the horror of tight deadlines… Trust me, I can tell you stories about it! But let’s keep it for some other day.) By the way, I am just speculating… The reason could have been anything from inexperience to tight budget. Continue reading

Why choose animation video over live action video?

So what’s your scene? I mean, if you want to get your customer’s attention, what would you do? Live shot video? Or maybe a screencast video? Good choices, both… They can be effectively exploited to put your points across, of course… But why not go for something more creative? A better option… Especially when it is available! Why not choose an animation video instead? Well, the ball is in your court. But that’s not going to stop me from trying to convince you to go for it. If you are already convinced, you can risk not reading further!

It would be quite proper to go through the factors that make animation videos, the best choice for your advertising needs. So, let’s get started.

1. Time

Understandably, production of an advertising video especially if you are considering going through the traditional routes, requires a lot of time and efforts. Scripting, casting, editing, finding perfect actors, competent video directors, travelling to exotic locations for the shoots and blah, blah and blah – eats up a lot of your time. Now, compare it with creating an animation video which can be wrapped up in a few weeks time from the comfort of your room. No work involved… Just a few meetings with the creative team and timely approvals, and you are good to go! As easy as eating your pie! Continue reading

5 Cartoons That Have Completely Changed The Way We Look At Things

OK, so no one takes cartoons seriously, right?  I mean they are just cartoons…stuff people laugh at, with all those crazy characters that seem to defy any and every law of nature what with eyeballs popping out of their faces or with crazy characters falling  all over the place for no apparent reason. They’re not there revolutionizing the world or changing the way we think…and yet….they do. Despite all the silliness, or maybe because of it, we start to internalize the message they send. And start looking at things differently. Iconic cartoons always change the way we interpret the mundane.  Need examples?

1. Popeye : Spinach – the secret ingredient in every superhero’s diet

Popeye, the Sailor Man made eating spinach look trendy. The item on a dinner table kids loved to loathe suddenly became equivalent to strength and muscles and everything a young boy could dream of.  It made Popeye do things human beings couldn’t  conceive of…like drilling a hole through the ceiling with his bare hands or lifting a building on his nose-tip. Of course, none of us bought that spinach could be that good, but still we did start associating it with sheer power. Boring spinach suddenly became most wanted, and all thanks to the sailor.

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Inspiration Treasure Chest:Top five Facebook pages to keep animators inspired

So, you are an animator? And like every other creative person alive in the planet, you need your dose of daily inspirations to quench your creative  yearnings… But with the advent of internet in such  an unprecedented manner, one is always (I repeat, always!) spoilt for choice. So what would be the best way to go ahead with the search? You are right! Social networking sites… And what better way than Facebook to find the best places that are keeping other animators around the globe interested? So, here we are, ready to introduce you to five of the most inspiring pages on Facebook  (other than the obvious Walt Disney, Dreamworks and Warner Bros.). We are sure you might have not even heard about some of them yet!  Each of these pages are examples of sheer awesomeness  and  promises to indulge  you with some impressive updates… If you think this is just another personal favourites listing, you must check out their fan base! We will let the numbers talk the talk…

Animation Films –

This Facebook page is a fantabulous storehouse of information  for the incorrigible movie buff hiding inside you. While one can keep abreast of information on the latest animation flicks on this page, it is also a  wonderful repository of clips, collection of posters and movie updates… Not only that, you can even discuss your favourite movies with other like-minded mortals.  Promising, eh?

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Menstrupedia …an idea whose time has come

Why Menstrupedia?

So, why should Mypromovideos, a company that has a grand total of 1 (yes, one) female employee working from the office, want to make a video on, of all the topics, menstruation?  Well, maybe because we believe that the topic doesn’t just have to do with females but humanity as a whole.

When women use unhygienic rags and get infected, when girls feel ashamed and drop out of school, when a section of society prevents women from worshipping just because they are menstruating, when girls get married off because puberty means they are now old enough to bear children…when this and many, many other outdated, ill-informed practices continue to plague our system, then the issue becomes the whole society’s issue. We simply cannot label it as women’s issue.

When Gopal was attending the unconference for entrepreneurs at Goa, the Goa Project, he got the chance to hear Aditi Gupta, the founder of Menstrupedia speak. Continue reading

Inspiration Treasure Chest: The Best websites to inspire Animators: Part 1

Yyyyyyup, we all need inspirations…all creativity is inspired from some place. So where should you look for ideas? Fortunately, we live in the age of THE INTERNET and inspirations are aplenty. But unfortunately  it is goddamn tough to sift through it all to find the real gems. So we thought we’d compile a list of our favorite places. These are the places we look to for sparking our creativity. This series will cover inspirations for animations, illustrations, designs, typography, writing and so forth…Oughta be helpful.

The Best websites to inspire Animators: Part 1

1. Motionographer.com: If you are an animator and needed to pick just one website out of this list, this would be it. It has everything from spellbinding videos to inspire you to tutorials to communities to events…almost everything an animator can ask for and then some more. Don’t be fooled by the rather academic/boring looking layout of the site. It is a wonderland of inspirations.

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Oneview – A 3Dimensional treat!

Did you get a chance to checkout out our TOTALLY sleek video? I’m talking about the explainer we did for One View Procurement Solutions. It is simply a work of art…and I can give unbiased opinion on this because I was hardly involved in the project.

It all started off, as it usually does, with the Creative Director —Anil—coming out with a concept. The approach for this video was going to be unique. As you may have noticed, most of our videos are story-based and therefore revolve around characters. Anil and our client felt that this video should be different in that it would have no story—and for that matter, character. This video was going to be all about the presentation. Yeah baby, we were up for a challenge!

So Anil devised a flow of the script that’d suit a pure, out-and-out motion graphics video and then passed on the baton to Nisha, the scriptwriter. Nisha was new to Mypromovideos back then, it was amongst the first few scripts that Nisha devised. And she did a really commendable job of it. The words were fresh and crisp and lent themselves to a fast-paced video.

And then was the time for the next BIG test—visuals! Now I’m not going to act all oh-so-cool and say that we got the visuals easily. Nope, it was TOUGH WORK. We wracked and wracked and wracked our brains, and then suddenly after a lot of futile brainstorming, it all fell into place— in one hour! The visuals were going to rely heavily on symbols and metaphors. For example when we speak of storage in this video, the storage involves software and no hardware or material of any sort.

Yet, we use cabinets and drawers to depict storage and make something intangible, tangible. All the scenes happen around boxes or quadrilaterals that convey the ideas we want…so we have folders, cabinets, servers etc. The colours, look and feel of the video could be summed up in one word — trendy. The illustrations were all smart. And to give it the perfect modern look, we would use flat colours.

The project was in Dinesh’s hands to do his magic. Now I’d told you this project was unique and given you the reason. But here’s another thing that made this video distinct—this video was done completely in 3D. Dinesh tried and innovated all types of fresh transitions that just left me stunned the first time I saw it. I’m told the video was 2D composited…I’d be damned if I tell you I know what it means! But I know one thing the end result was a video that took your breath away!

iBabyguard- where we learnt a lesson in tenderness

Babies…their laughter can make your day, and their tears can break your heart….

So when we got a product that directly targeted new parents, we wanted to touch the tender chords of humanity. And this we did with sounds of baby gurgling, sweet sound effects and (of course!) by creating an uber cute infant character.

We loved working on iBabyguard from Day Go! for many reasons-

1. iBabyguard was a physical product, unlike all the services, software and apps that we normally worked for- AWESOME!

2. It was targeting the regular masses and not the tech-crowd, which for us was, again, refreshing- DOUBLY AWESOME!!

3. The product revolves around, as I’ve mentioned before, babies, TRIPLEY(??) AWESOME!!!

This video was not going to be the usual explainer video, because iBabyguard was something that was going to elevate monitoring babies to the next level…it was going to help us guard, or rather, safeguard our babies. So we wanted to showcase the difference between merely monitoring and actually guarding the baby.

New parents are constantly guilt-ridden when faced with the prospect of leaving their cherished little one alone. But in the modern life, they have no choice but to leave the tiny one unattended for some time if they have to get their chores done.

Most gadgets that are in use nowadays for monitoring  are more like spying tools, and a parent has to keep monitoring this monitor, implying they can never do anything peacefully.

Hence we took this pain point and painted our video around this. We garnished this with a heady mixture of comedy and tenderness in such a way that every new urban parent would be able to identify with it.

So our story is the story of a couple and stands out the moment it starts because it begins with the sounds of coochie cooing and heart-warming baby sounds. Most of the scenes take place within a nursery and the nursery has been carefully illustrated in keeping with this.

The whole story brings out the usability of iBabyguard without boring the viewer to death with all the features, because busy parents (our target group) have really no time for that.

We used lots and lots of colors, which not only give the right mood and life to the videos, but also reflected reality artistically. To add to the entire energetic feel of the video, we have characters with exaggerated expressions complemented by the music.

When you see this video, you feel the need of these parents to protects their baby, their concerns of how to keep the baby out-of-harm, the tenderness and finally the peace-of-mind they feel when they feel that they’ve at last found the right solution, iBabyguard. Now their baby can sleep undisturbed and the parents can relax. Ah!

Team Involved:

Creative Director: Anil
Script: Vimida
Illustrations: Imodraj
Animations: Azeem
Edits: Pratheesh