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GenCrowd – Crowdsourced Ideation

Marketing Message
GenCrowd is an online marketplace which allows people to crowdsource ideas, content and feedback for their business needs. This was the marketing message we had to deliver. We had to present GenCrowd as the best and easiest way to get help with business ideas
How we approached it
We decided to use the good-ol’  conversational tone — nothing like it to get people engaged and actually understand what you’re trying to say. Now, we knew that this video will have to run through the key features, so naturally this meant many “interface” scenes. Hence we planned to make rest of the video interesting, so people were receptive when the time for (what is normally considered as)the boring bit came. Continue reading

Freshdesk- Refreshing Customer Support

Marketing Message

Freshdesk was born as a response to a comment on a news item about how a leading customer support software company hiked prices up to 300% and made their customers unhappy. Since then, it has come a long way.Freshdesk, through this video, wanted bring out how difficult it was to be a customer support executive/manager in the current times. They had to face immense challenges in the form of social media. This was a challenge that could be met easily with Freshdesk. Other features and benefits of Freshdesk— especially the fact that it was a way more economical option— had to be conveyed too.

How we approached it

We usually prefer humorous approach to videos. Everybody loves something that makes you smile. So, if the demo video makes your viewers smile, then they’re going to develop a liking for your product too. Thankfully for us, Girish Mathrubootham, the founder and CEO of Freshdesk, gave us a free rein over creativity. And we made the best possible use of it. Keeping the marketing message in mind, we devised a script revolving around the plight of a Customer Service in-charge. He had to track all the phones, emails etc and also take flak in the form of social media. The entire script was from his perspective and had a lot of humor woven around his frustration. The tone of the video changed only when Freshdesk was introduced and we had to get into the serious business of explaining what it did. But we did bring in a touch of humor right at the end, to ensure that the viewer completed seeing the video with a pleasant feeling. Continue reading

Clicktools- Connecting the Dots

Marketing Message:

Clicktools provides you with the means of collecting customer feedback and integrating it to your CRM. Clicktools wanted to describe the process of a customer buying a product  or service as a journey and the importance of collecting inputs from customers throughout this journey.
A customer typically moves through marketing to sales to support and getting appropriate feedback at each point had to be reflected as “Connecting the dots”.

How we approached it:

We decided that two points had to be kept in mind and had to be reflected in the video:
1. The journey of the customer
2. Clicktools help in “connecting the dots” throughout this journey by providing you with customer insights.

And the adventure begins:

OK…now that you have been briefed about the serious stuff let me take you to the mayhem behind the scenes. Continue reading