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Know About India – Why is India called Hindustan if it is secular?

Boy! Oh Boy! Oh Boy! We were real worried about this one….

For a long time we debated over whether we should release this video on why is India called Hindustan even if it is secular, because it has “CONTROVERSY” stamped all over it in big, bold letters.

Religion- even if it is mentioned in passing- is a big no-no in our country, so dare we trace the origin of the word “Hindustan”? Yes, logically we were just tracing the etymology and not making any religious statements…but we, as a nation, are often not that logical… right? Who knew if people would protest, burn effigies, go to the media…demand special screening???

But still, we decided, we’d just present the facts. With a touch of entertainment. That was our promise and we’d keep it. (Yeah, all bold and martyr-like!) And let you decide.

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Top Five Explainer Videos With The Best Background Score

I am back, just like I promised. This time with another interesting topic… So by now, you have probably guessed that the team is doing a series of ‘Best Five explainer videos’ blog… No brownie points for that! Or maybe some… If you hadn’t guessed by yourself without being prompted? Well, Looks like the cat’s out of the bag!

So, I have a list of top five explainer videos with the best background scores. Of course, the best comes last! (To make sure your eyeballs are glued to the screen until the end! That’s our trick, see!)
So, let’s start first with the explainer video for Philips Android Speakers created by Epipheo (Yeah! These guys pop up in our list every time! We are trying not to be partial but some things can’t be helped…)

5. Philips Android Speakers :

Simple, powerful concept, brilliant execution and not to mention an awesome background music to compensate for the lack of voiceover! Also notice the little details in the soundtrack especially when the main phone character is trying to convince his friends to stay because he is trying hard to fix his friend’s problems (read boredom!). The focus on the music has been dealt very confidently especially since that happens to be the main selling point of the product. A difficult task achieved with flying colours! Don’t you agree?

Now, check out the next video in our list… This is not your usual animation explainer video but what the heck! We decided to stick to it anyway and you will know the reason why as soon as you press that precious little play button down there. Continue reading

Why choose animation video over live action video?

So what’s your scene? I mean, if you want to get your customer’s attention, what would you do? Live shot video? Or maybe a screencast video? Good choices, both… They can be effectively exploited to put your points across, of course… But why not go for something more creative? A better option… Especially when it is available! Why not choose an animation video instead? Well, the ball is in your court. But that’s not going to stop me from trying to convince you to go for it. If you are already convinced, you can risk not reading further!

It would be quite proper to go through the factors that make animation videos, the best choice for your advertising needs. So, let’s get started.

1. Time

Understandably, production of an advertising video especially if you are considering going through the traditional routes, requires a lot of time and efforts. Scripting, casting, editing, finding perfect actors, competent video directors, travelling to exotic locations for the shoots and blah, blah and blah – eats up a lot of your time. Now, compare it with creating an animation video which can be wrapped up in a few weeks time from the comfort of your room. No work involved… Just a few meetings with the creative team and timely approvals, and you are good to go! As easy as eating your pie! Continue reading

Five ways to work like a Danny Boyle with an Indian company

The tremendous success of Slumdog millionaire not only gave India three Oscars but it also indirectly left a negative impact over the life of Indians and the behavior of Indian companies. (Now that’s a controversial way to start a blog!) I am not going to say that what Danny Boyle showed in the movie is fictitious but to remind you of the fact that out of the eight Oscars, two Oscar were given to appreciate the creative genius of an Indian music director, AR.Rahman and one for the master class in sound mixing by Resul Pookutty, whom he chose for a reason. So why and how did Danny Boyle chose to work with an Indian company? Lets see..

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End of year Recap : Highlights from 2013!

So we started off 2013 happy that none of the Doomsday predictions for 2012 had come true and we’d put off Apocalypse by one more year at least! (Not that we had taken the prediction seriously to begin with :)) Lots and lots and lots and lots of things happened in this packed year. And here we present some the highlights of the year …in no particular…because, just like that!
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Planshaadi – a love story with a happy ending

Love, romance and happy endings….if you are a sucker for all things sweet, our PlanShaadi video will definitely touch a chord with you. The video tells a beautiful story of two people who fell in love as they grew up and decided to consummate their love by getting married. Though raised abroad, they are both of Indian origin and prefer an authentic South Asian wedding. PlanShaadi helps them in doing just that.

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Oneview – A 3Dimensional treat!

Did you get a chance to checkout out our TOTALLY sleek video? I’m talking about the explainer we did for One View Procurement Solutions. It is simply a work of art…and I can give unbiased opinion on this because I was hardly involved in the project.

It all started off, as it usually does, with the Creative Director —Anil—coming out with a concept. The approach for this video was going to be unique. As you may have noticed, most of our videos are story-based and therefore revolve around characters. Anil and our client felt that this video should be different in that it would have no story—and for that matter, character. This video was going to be all about the presentation. Yeah baby, we were up for a challenge!

So Anil devised a flow of the script that’d suit a pure, out-and-out motion graphics video and then passed on the baton to Nisha, the scriptwriter. Nisha was new to Mypromovideos back then, it was amongst the first few scripts that Nisha devised. And she did a really commendable job of it. The words were fresh and crisp and lent themselves to a fast-paced video.

And then was the time for the next BIG test—visuals! Now I’m not going to act all oh-so-cool and say that we got the visuals easily. Nope, it was TOUGH WORK. We wracked and wracked and wracked our brains, and then suddenly after a lot of futile brainstorming, it all fell into place— in one hour! The visuals were going to rely heavily on symbols and metaphors. For example when we speak of storage in this video, the storage involves software and no hardware or material of any sort.

Yet, we use cabinets and drawers to depict storage and make something intangible, tangible. All the scenes happen around boxes or quadrilaterals that convey the ideas we want…so we have folders, cabinets, servers etc. The colours, look and feel of the video could be summed up in one word — trendy. The illustrations were all smart. And to give it the perfect modern look, we would use flat colours.

The project was in Dinesh’s hands to do his magic. Now I’d told you this project was unique and given you the reason. But here’s another thing that made this video distinct—this video was done completely in 3D. Dinesh tried and innovated all types of fresh transitions that just left me stunned the first time I saw it. I’m told the video was 2D composited…I’d be damned if I tell you I know what it means! But I know one thing the end result was a video that took your breath away!

Refermyticket- it's your right to fight

Marketing Message
When someone gets a traffic ticket they not only have to pay for the ticket but they also lose points, making their insurance shoot up and putting them at a risk of losing their license.  The way around it is to hire a professional who fights in court on your behalf and makes sure that you don’t lose points. But hiring such a person can come with its own set of problems— there is no knowing if they’re professionals and they can charge a lot. With Refermyticket , vetted ticket professionals bid to earn your business, so you can get the best deal.
How we approached it
With the help of our client, we devised a story of a man called Don who is taking his wife Lisa out. When he rushes, he gets a speeding ticket. Then we Continue reading