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Inspiration Treasure Chest: The Best websites for design Inspirations

Inspiration Treasure Chest

1. Webneel : Webneel is design inspiration site and it gets right down to businees. You have the latest, most interesting design on the first page itself and other articles neatly categorized under photoshop, vector, photography, web design etc. The articles carry minimum text and let the art do all the speaking…so I’m going to shut up and do the same:

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Six Tried And Tested Methods To Break Creative Block

Like any creative person, I too, from time to time, face the dreaded “WRITER’S BLOCK” and to tell you the truth it is like one of my worst nightmares come true (in my list of worst nightmares it is just above waking up one day to find there are no potatoes left in the world and just below discovering that I have to hold hands with Golem, while trying to slide down a lizard-covered wall!)

And as I asked around, I came to know that I am not the only one, a lot of creative people face this creative block from time to time and for all of them it is a FRIGHTENING experience, as if someone suddenly sucked out all the oxygen from the atmosphere and left them gasping for breath.

I also got many tips from everyone for overcoming the creative block. These range from the usual to the downright weird.

So… {Drumrolls}…


The tried and tested methods to break a creative block

The first few are usual:

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5 Cartoons That Have Completely Changed The Way We Look At Things

OK, so no one takes cartoons seriously, right?  I mean they are just cartoons…stuff people laugh at, with all those crazy characters that seem to defy any and every law of nature what with eyeballs popping out of their faces or with crazy characters falling  all over the place for no apparent reason. They’re not there revolutionizing the world or changing the way we think…and yet….they do. Despite all the silliness, or maybe because of it, we start to internalize the message they send. And start looking at things differently. Iconic cartoons always change the way we interpret the mundane.  Need examples?

1. Popeye : Spinach – the secret ingredient in every superhero’s diet

Popeye, the Sailor Man made eating spinach look trendy. The item on a dinner table kids loved to loathe suddenly became equivalent to strength and muscles and everything a young boy could dream of.  It made Popeye do things human beings couldn’t  conceive of…like drilling a hole through the ceiling with his bare hands or lifting a building on his nose-tip. Of course, none of us bought that spinach could be that good, but still we did start associating it with sheer power. Boring spinach suddenly became most wanted, and all thanks to the sailor.

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Epic Chase – What happens next? #enddstory

A long, long, long…well, a really long time ago Earth was not the Earth you and I know. No, sir…it was a seething, smouldering, swirling, raging ball of fire. Monstrous fire, scary fire…scary as hell! Ask the gases, they’ll tell. They sped, they ran…the fire spared no one. Consuming everything in sight.

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Make your message edible

So what do we mean when we say,

“We make your message edible?”

The message you communicate on the website matters – especially with the evolving online space where people are getting more impatient everyday. So how can you serve an edible message to this “Anything Instant” crowd?

Hmm…how about explaining this with a simple story?

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Inspiration Treasure Chest:Top five Facebook pages to keep animators inspired

So, you are an animator? And like every other creative person alive in the planet, you need your dose of daily inspirations to quench your creative  yearnings… But with the advent of internet in such  an unprecedented manner, one is always (I repeat, always!) spoilt for choice. So what would be the best way to go ahead with the search? You are right! Social networking sites… And what better way than Facebook to find the best places that are keeping other animators around the globe interested? So, here we are, ready to introduce you to five of the most inspiring pages on Facebook  (other than the obvious Walt Disney, Dreamworks and Warner Bros.). We are sure you might have not even heard about some of them yet!  Each of these pages are examples of sheer awesomeness  and  promises to indulge  you with some impressive updates… If you think this is just another personal favourites listing, you must check out their fan base! We will let the numbers talk the talk…

Animation Films –

This Facebook page is a fantabulous storehouse of information  for the incorrigible movie buff hiding inside you. While one can keep abreast of information on the latest animation flicks on this page, it is also a  wonderful repository of clips, collection of posters and movie updates… Not only that, you can even discuss your favourite movies with other like-minded mortals.  Promising, eh?

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Inspiration Treasure Chest: The Best websites to inspire Animators: Part 1

Yyyyyyup, we all need inspirations…all creativity is inspired from some place. So where should you look for ideas? Fortunately, we live in the age of THE INTERNET and inspirations are aplenty. But unfortunately  it is goddamn tough to sift through it all to find the real gems. So we thought we’d compile a list of our favorite places. These are the places we look to for sparking our creativity. This series will cover inspirations for animations, illustrations, designs, typography, writing and so forth…Oughta be helpful.

The Best websites to inspire Animators: Part 1

1. If you are an animator and needed to pick just one website out of this list, this would be it. It has everything from spellbinding videos to inspire you to tutorials to communities to events…almost everything an animator can ask for and then some more. Don’t be fooled by the rather academic/boring looking layout of the site. It is a wonderland of inspirations.

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All for fun and fun for all!

Hello peeps!

Noticed something new? Those of you who’ve been following us on Facebook /Twitter / Youtube would surely have. And those of you who haven’t…GUYS! You’ve been visiting all the wrong pages!

From now on, you’ll have something to look forward to in our social media pages. It will showcase some flavor of the season- events, occasions, trends or  something related to the season itself.

Our first theme is All Fool’s day – April First. We have picturesque spring settings (April is also springtime, you see!)..the flowers, birds, greenery, clouds…mmmmm! And then we have a man…with a saw… perched on a tree branch…trying to cut the very branch he’s seated on! And birds commenting cheekily about it.

Yes, the message we’re trying to send across is that human beings are the greatest fools. By destroying nature, we are in fact, destroying ourselves.

What? Didn’t you think we’re capable of deep thoughts? At times we surprise ourselves :D

Got some great ideas or a concept you’d like to come to life? Tell us! Simply comment or tweet. If it rocks we may just incorporate your ideas into our cover pages. We’ll choose the most creative ones and showcase it on our social media pages….with due credits to you!

So…go check out our social media sites now….and if you like what’s there, don’t forget to comment, like, tweet and share!!


Magic of a Play Button

I have been thinking for a long time about writing a blog post about a finding that can increase click-through rate of the videos in our website by 100%.

In the mid of last year we came across Crazyegg, one awesome service, which we thought of using to measure our site’s performance. In the first 500 visits I found out there were a very less number of people watching the videos and specifically only one or two videos were being watched in our gallery.

Initially it was an image roll-over for all the videos. There would be a video thumbnail and on mouse-over, an image with a play button would appear. Here are the two images which I used  for freshdesk.

After analysing the data, I just reversed the order to see how it was working for the next 500 visits. The result was astonishing! All our videos are now being watched and it is a 100% increase in the click-through rate.

Just an image with a play button can make a lot of difference to a website.

Apocalypse…a happy ending!

So, like all those “legendary” tea-time discussions of ours, this video too started off as a small discussion. Saravanan started speaking of Apocalypse and soon we had a variety of views and trivia being doled out. Planet X, Mayan Calendar, Nostradamus, Bible, Koran,the Ten Avatars of Lord Vishnu, Doomsday, 2012- the movie….we were discussing it all. Boy!

And then Udhay started speaking of what he’d thought of as a kid…when he’d first heard of the Apocalypse. Here’s what he said “I thought, the world is coming together because of technology…why couldn’t Apocalypse mean an end of all the divisions?Why couldn’t it mean the humanity coming together?”

We all stood electrified! The idea was superb…call us optimistic, call us children, or call us visionaries…we all felt, “Yes! This really is possible.” Our world could come together. How wonderful would that be?

Soon we were brimming over with ideas…some absolutely beautiful, some plain crazy. But we were charged up! This idea screamed to be made into a video. We wanted to share this lovely vision with the world.

What if an Apocalypse brought great beginnings? This was the beautiful, delightful, peaceful result we envisioned:

Happy 2013!