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Resmosaic – Bringing together the pieces of life career.

Marketing Message

Resmosaic is a site that stores and organizes the personal, professional and educational accomplishments of the people. Resmosaic provides solutions for storing information rather than a simple mass storage space. This  video had to educate users on how to use the site, understand why they needed to become a user and motivate them to share it with others.

How we approached it

After brainstorming and research, we decided to put forward the fact that ‘Not just ANYONE but EVERYONE’ could benefit from Resmosaic. After deciding on who an ideal customer would be, we narrowed in on the storytelling style. The story speaks of the main character who is an ‘over achiever’ all the way, and couldn’t  keep track of his achievements/accomplishments, and how Resmosaic helps bringing together the pieces of life career.

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