Barks ‘n Licks – a sweet video for man’s best friend.

Early morning mist, the smell of wet earth wafting in the winds after the first rains, beautiful flowers lining the sidewalks, colorful ripe fruits neatly decking the fruit seller’s display, the distant sounds of a child giggling… there are so many things that pull at our heartstrings…things that make us stop on our tracks, pause and go…”Ah!” …Things that make us warm all over and feel happy to be born and alive.

Main_Full_logo_TM For many of us here at Mypromovideos, dogs have the same effect. So recently when we had the chance to work for Barks ‘n Licks, it completely filled us with the same sweet “Ah” feeling. Sundar introduced us to Ganesh and Shilpa, the cofounders of Barks ‘n Licks, who sat down with us for the initial chat. Here they narrated to us the story of Cherry, a furry wonder ball of joy- their Golden Retriever. They explained to us how Cherry had been instrumental in bringing their family together and how because of Cherry they had started looking for healthy dog food options. This had led them to start Barks ‘n Licks. We immediately identified Barks ‘n Licks as a product of love and wanted to do something special for it.

Cherry of Barksnlicks

Cherry of BarksnLicks

We thought a lot about how to create this explainer. Barks ‘n Licks gave you the assurance that you would know what exactly went into your dog food. Continue reading

Looking back at 2014 – Mypromovideos Memories

Alllllrighty then! A whole year has passed us by in a blur. Time to pay homage to all the big, small and crazy things that happened this year.

As always, we made some TOTALLY rad videos. Special mention: Our KNOW ABOUT INDIA series which debuted this year. The series is dedicated to sharing knowledge about things in India- things that most Indians(and world citizens) may want to know but there is little knowledge about. We created two videos- “Is Hindi our national language?” and “Why is India called Hindustan if it is secular?”. Both the videos went on to become our most seen videos on Youtube bringing us a lot of media coverage. Really, it was even beyond our wildest expectations- we were named Youtube channel of the day, covered by CNN IBN, India times and more than 40 online blogs!

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Most Famous Cartoon Theme Songs

Phew! Searching for your favourite cartoon theme songs is like searching for a needle in the haystack. How do you pull it off? Especially when you have a whole lot on your plate to choose from… Not easy, right? It isn’t… So how did I pull off this stunt? (Psst! Psst! I love pushing the limelight onto myself… with a generous dollop of exaggeration! Especially where none is required at all!)

Famous cartoon themesUmmm… (Now, that I have your attention!) I am keeping that a secret for another day. Now, let’s see what I have come up with… So without much ado, let’s get started with my most favourite thing-to-do (In case, you are reading me not-for-the-first-time, you already know, it has got a lot to do with making lists!)

Jungle Book, Mowgli (Bare Necessities):

Of course, this classic by Rudyard Kipling is one of the most widely read book of all times and in recent years, one of the most extensively watched movie. But then, we are not here to sing praises of this creative genius but to concentrate on a more important facet of this entire creation: the theme song. Check this out:

Written by Terry Gilkyson, the lyrics are my favourite because it imparts ‘gyaan’ on one of the most important point of life that paradoxically, we are losing touch with… While we tend to complicate our lives with distorted reality in order to make it easier, we are forgetting the fact that life ought to be just the way it is supposed to be… uncomplicated and with just the bare necessities fulfilled! Don’t you agree? Continue reading

Explainer Videos – Behind the Screens

So, let’s gear up for a ride because here we go!

graphic1The world of animation explainer video might seem all hush-hush to an outsider. It might look like a black box where customer requirement goes in and an explainer video comes out.
But there’s so much more to it.

The whole process behind creating an explainer video is by no means, a haphazard exercise. In fact, our methods are detailed and well-thought. So, let’s see how we go about a project.

Creative Brief:

This is the very first step. It is sort of a ‘making connection’ with the client. Once a request comes in, we gather up for a call with the client over the phone, Skype or even in person. We ask a set of questions which help us get a very good idea about the needs and requirements of the client regarding the video. So, who attends the meeting? Of course, all the creative people involved in the project! That includes the script writer, the creative director for the project, project manager, animator etc. Continue reading

Why Youtube comments are more entertaining than videos?

As a writer for Mypromovideos, a good chunk of my day goes in looking at videos. (Yup, it is fun and it is part of my job- no point being jealous y’all.) And really, they are a big influence- personally and professionally.

YT-Comments-logoOne of the most interesting part of these video-watching experiences is reading the comments. To be precise, reading YouTube comments. Nope, I’m not speaking about the poor English or being a Grammar Nazi. I feel knowledge of English or lack of it should not stop you from expressing your viewpoints, the message you want to convey is most important. But aha! It is the messages or the comments themselves that are interesting as hell.

If you have been anywhere around YouTube, you must have read your fair share of them by now. I know I’ve seen a lot, but they never stop amazing/fascinating/horrifying me.
YT Comments

Like the other day, I was going through our comments. For the same video there were people claiming that we supported the Congress or BJP/RSS…depending on their viewpoint! Now we don’t have to go around trying to prove that we were neutral. If both of you felt we were supporting the other, then guess what ,folks? That could only imply that we supported neither! Continue reading

Tips to produce your videos faster when you work with us

Okay! Time for some serious heart-to-heart chat, secret-spilling, gossiping and all that! Oh yeah! Why not? It’s fun! And well, we are always in for some knowledge sharing…

You know, we have had some instances when our clients expressed complete disbelief about our turnaround times. Why do you need 6-7 weeks for just-a-minute explainer video? Oh why? Why? (Aheemmm… Those extra why?s are just for the effect!) Well, as you guessed right, it is something we wanted to come clean about!

Like we have discussed before, there are so many steps to go through while creating an explainer so of course, it takes time. And well, quality takes time as well (You’ve probably heard that before!)
Faster-explainer-videos Continue reading

Which type of explainer video should you choose?

So… what type of explainer video should you choose for your marketing? Errr… What??? You thought there was only one kind? The ‘animated’ kind? Sorry to break it to you (or not!)… But there are more than one variety of this ‘animated kind’ of video that you can go for… In fact you see, you are spoilt for choice. Sounds interesting? Go ahead… It gets better!

Which type of explainer video should you choose

1. Character Based Animation:

Now, this has to be my favorite. I love the animation with stories especially the one with characters. They are fun, quirky, upbeat and importantly oh-so-cool! Using a cartoon protagonist to explain your product ensures that your audience do not start snoring in the middle of it all! (Have I talked about short attention spans before?) The complex ideas and serious business concepts can be explained in such an engaging manner that your audience will be hooked! For starters, check this out for example:

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Inspiration Treasure Chest: The Best websites for design Inspirations

Inspiration Treasure Chest

1. Webneel : Webneel is design inspiration site and it gets right down to businees. You have the latest, most interesting design on the first page itself and other articles neatly categorized under photoshop, vector, photography, web design etc. The articles carry minimum text and let the art do all the speaking…so I’m going to shut up and do the same:

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Five things that we did right at Mypromovideos!

It has been five years since this journey called Mypromovideos started. Along the path we came across many good times and a hell lot of testing times. Oh boy! The joy and the satisfaction when our client comes and says, “You guys are awesome and you were an integral part of our success”- that’s what makes our day and that’s what keep us going no matter how hard it is. On this day when we finish the journey of five years since we officially launched MPV, we wanted to look back and see what were the five most important things that helped us to get where we are today.

Mypromovideos Team


It was not a conscious decision. When we started, we did not know anything about funding. More than that, we never needed any funding as the computers we used had already been sponsored by our parents during our college days and of course our brains came with us for free. It was only our time that became our investment initially. We never had any investor sitting on our a** and trying to make us run in a race which we never wanted to run.Today we realize that it has given us a lot of freedom in the way we operate which is very important for a lifestyle business like ours. Continue reading

Mypromovideos – How I became a part of it?

I had decided. I wanted to make a career change. I looked at the things that i wanted – Creativity, Young Team, Fun and Friendly Environment, Startup, Global Clientele. I had always thought that I should be moving to Chennai or Bangalore or Mumbai to get all the above at one place. Little did i know I would get all of them in Coimbatore, the city that i loved the most.

Like they say in Vote of thanks in every school day “ The wheels started rolling months back for such a great event “ – My association with Mypromovideos also has an interesting past. Three out of four Co-founders were already known to me through one way or the other in the past year.

First I knew Gopal through Coimbatore Toastmasters Club where we speak, lead and evaluate to improve on our Public Speaking and Leadership. Gopal was the main reason I got to know a lot about Mypromovideos and he is an inspiration to anyone who loves books and believes in self-help or both.Mypromovideos Continue reading