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Marketing Message:
Transputec wanted a video that would bring out the challenges faced by organizations because of Consumerisation(yeah, spelt with an “s” not “z”— UK client, you see) of  IT. The video also had to explain how Transputec offered a solution for this.
How we approached it:
We had to educate the viewer about “Consumerisation of IT “, and then present the challenges. We had to bring out the service rendered by Transputec after this. We wanted the video to convey the message— “Don’t fear Consumerisation of IT, benefit from it”.
As always, we had lots of ideas for styles. Initially we wanted to use Kinetic Typography, but our client was not too keen on having a lot of text on the screen. Animated video that used a cartoonish or human characters was also ruled out as the issue of Consumerisation had to be brought out in all seriousness.  Based on this, we decided to go with a style that used abstract characters, minimum text and corporate look-and-feel.
As we had already decided on a style, we decided on the colors accordingly. We trashed all wild colors from our minds and narrowed down on the colors that brought out the theme best. We settled on blue also because it is the color of Transputec logo. Black was chosen as a good contrast and eye-catching color when juxtaposed against blue.
As mentioned earlier, we settled on abstract characters. But we created our own abstract characters —not the usual circle-and-rectangle ones — you will notice this if you observe closely. Getting emotions on abstract characters was a hurdle but with a little creativity, this hurdle was overcome. Another challenge was to bring out the difference between manager and those working under him. But our animator managed this also pretty well.
The visualizations were thought out to make the video flow like a story. We had one aim — registering Consumerisation of IT and Transputec in the minds of the viewers . And all the visuals were designed leading to this.
Animation used pure After Effects and nothing else. Even the assets and the characters were designed in AE. We did not use any defaults or presets. Any effect you see was created by our animator from scratch. Many scenes only used shapes like iPads or iPhones and it needed a special kind of ability to animate these. Kudos to our animator for having achieved it!

Team Involved:

Animations : Vignesh
Script : Vimida
Creative Direction : Gopal
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About Vimida

I have had a life-long love-affair with stories. Combine my passion for words with my off-beat creativity and you get the precise reason why I find being the Screenplay writer at MyPromoVideos really fun.
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