Impact of Web Videos in 2012

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The Internet is experiencing a serious game changing Paradigm shift in 2012. The World Wide Web is infected by the incurable Attention Inability Deficiency Syndrome and if you are selling anything on the Internet, you cannot do without a Video in 2012.

This is how Web Videos will have an defining Impact in 2012

  • More than 70% of all websites will have a video.

More than 70% of all web content is already in video form . Its just logical that websites follow suit. More and more companies will get into the video bandwagon in 2012. More than anything else, a video tells how much you love your product

  • Web design would become obsolete in many industries.

Sites like DropBox and 99designs are already taking the cue and removing all distractions from their websites.  The conversion rates  double with this kind of design against traditional web design as there is less things to concentrate for the web visitor

Having a web video will become a must in 2012.  Have you thought about yours? Give it a thought and finish off your video as early as possible in 2012 and make your product thrive during the revolution that is happening right now.




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I am a movie buff, creative and can be crazy at times. There has been many interesting twists and turns in my life that has made me into an entrepreneur. I love what I do and always live life to the max. After doing more than 100 videos, I have tons of ideas to share with you for your product. Contact me at or Skype: gopal_mypromovideos and I will be happy to connect with you
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